Benefits of Going for a Jog

Judge Napolitano is a strong believer in jogging, and he takes a jog whenever the opportunity arises. The health benefits of jogging are enormous, not just on the cardiovascular system but for one’s mental well- being as well. This exercise takes one’s mind and body to a new plateau with moments of total relaxation while at the same time feel a rush of exertion that races the heart to new levels of energy with long-term benefits. It brings an out of body experience that is matched like no other form of exercise. There is no need to concentrate on hitting or kicking a ball, no need to compete against anyone other than oneself, and no pressure to cross the finish line at any given moment in time.

The cardiovascular system is critical to a long and healthy life. It must be taken care of, and running is a way to accomplish this. Jogging makes the heart stronger. Blood circulation is increased with one’s blood racing through the veins faster with each stride that the jogger takes. Ultimately, one’s heart disease risks are decreased significantly through exercise. The likeliness of heart attacks can be decreased as well as high cholesterol and other coronary artery diseases. As one sweats during jogging, pores are opened up to allow the body to breath. It brings a refreshing feeling to jog, to sweat, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The healthy physical benefits of jogging are one of the most important reasons for one to jog.

While a healthy heart is extremely important, a healthy mental state is just as important. One needs to be able to think clearly and function freely and easily in order to get through a daily routine that can be complex, dramatic, or simply monotonous with one just going through the motions, day after day. Jogging helps one clearly put their life in perspective, it lets one put the world aside with any problems, issues, or concerns – these are all set aside and forgotten. All thoughts and energy are focused on moving forwards towards a feeling of freedom as well as physical and mental health.

It is because of these health reasons that jogging is considered to be such an important part of a daily routine for everyone. It is not a task or exercise that is considered to be optional but more necessary on a daily basis to feel fulfilled in life. Preparing oneself to stand up, get ready, head out the door, begin that first stride, and then move forward in stride over and over and over again is what jogging is all about. Judge Napolitano is the perfect example of someone who is committed to jogging for a long, healthy life. Whether someone is young or old, skinny, or overweight, beginner or expert, jogging makes one feel positive and healthy. Be a jogger, be healthy, and be a winner!