Building muscles whilst burning fat is not an easy task, but it’s certainly not impossible. Armed with the right know-how, you can soon perfect the techniques to get the body you’ve always wanted, and deserve. But how can you do this? Do you have to spend hundreds of pounds on a bespoke personal trainer to follow you round and knock the cake out of your mouth? If you want to waste all of that money and employ such a person to do that then be my guest. However the rest of us need something a little less extreme and a lot less cheaper to get results.

Work your way up

Heading to the gym on day one of your ‘Ultimate Workout for Huge Arms’, surrounding by rippling strangers flexing in every direction probably won’t do wonders for your confidence. Start your routine at home until your confidence builds.

They’re called ‘classics’ for a reason

Start with simple exercises, like press-ups, squats and lunges. Once you’ve mastered them, you can soon develop them to optimise your results (and be best mates with that massive guy who has a weight surgically attached to him at the gym).

Add the weights

As you start to see your fitness and strength improve, it’s a great time to add weights to the equation. Again, start small and work your way up and you’ll see steady results. Channelling your inner Pop Eye and grabbing the biggest weight you can get your hands on won’t fool anyone, and you will get a hernia and cry.

Sort out your diet

When exercising, the food and drink you consume works as your fuel, so be sure to provide your growing muscles with the stuff it needs. In particular, protein and vitamins are essential, but a full-balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg is crucial.

Invest in a supplement

Sometimes it’s alright to admit we need a bit of help (though you totally don’t, of course), and a fat burning supplement may just provide that. They work to create ‘lean’ muscles whilst burning fat in unison, leaving you stronger and more toned. A great one to try is’s ‘Sculpt CLA Capsules’, which boasts a patented fat loss formula whilst protecting muscles, and without the use of gluten or wheat.

Build on your strengths

Literally. Find ways to improve your fitness regime each time, even if it’s by something small. Need inspiration? Take the weights up a notch, add 10 on to each cardio activity, and experiment with the equipment at the gym. Don’t be scared of the gym ball. You can even make it look manly if you master the right technique.

Keep going

1 week of letting your routine and diet slip can undo 2 weeks hard work. Think about all those hours sweating on the treadmill and how they’ll have been for nothing if you don’t stick with your plan. Burning fat and building muscles is a long and slow process, but the results will be worth it.