• 4 Food Safety Tips to Always Keep in Mind

    Most of us know eating raw chicken is never recommended, but are there other food safety tips you should know about to avoid food poisoning? Here are four that may surprise you. Listeria in Fresh Produce WebMD says consumers should beware of contaminated fresh produce. In 2011, the listeria bacteria spread like wildflowers and was found […]

  • Life after Heroin addiction treatment

    After you have completed your heroin addiction treatment, the real work begins. It is a time to celebrate an achievement but it is also a time of stress as you leave the confines and support of the rehabilitation clinic and must take control of the rest of your life. The prospect can be intimidating but […]

  • Why Too Much Anxiety Could Lead to Blood Clot Formation

    It’s pretty normal to be anxious. We often need it to give us the extra push to finish important tasks or quickly scram from potentially dangerous situations. But too much of it is not healthy, though. Some studies show that intense anxiety could make our blood become sticky. What Does Anxiety Mean? Basically, anxiety means […]

  • Top Tips for Avoiding Unpleasant Insect Encounters

    Anyone with an insect phobia imagines that these creatures lurk in dark places, fangs at the ready, just waiting for the opportunity to attack defenceless humans. The truth is that they have little or no interest in devouring our quivering flesh and will bite or sting only when provoked. How then do we coexist peacefully […]

  • How to Effectively Get Over a Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction is a terrible thing and anyone who has ever gotten sucked into using drugs knows just how difficult it is to quit, as well as, the terrible effects drugs have on the body and relationships. Thankfully, there are many support groups available and different techniques that can be used to get over a […]