What are the Best Pre-Med Majors for Students Wanting to Attend Medical School?

If you’re planning on attending a medical school, you will need to finish pre-med college courses before you can be accepted into a university. Depending on the type of career you’re looking to pursue as well as the school you’re attending, there are different courses that are specific to helping you with your endeavors. Before taking the best pre med majors, it is vital that you understand how and when you’ll be paying to attend college, which can eliminate problems with future debt. By taking the right major, you’re increasing your chances of being accepted into the school of your dreams so that you can pursue your career as a medical professional.

Before beginning any of your studies, it is important to know which prerequisites are needed for the specific university you’re looking to attend. This is because different professions require different majors, and knowing what you need to begin your education is crucial in preventing the need to take additional classes just to obtain the credits that are necessary during the application process.

Biological Sciences

Biological science seems to be one of the most popular pre-med majors for individuals wanting to be accepted into a quality university. These types of majors include courses such as molecular biology, neuroscience as well as cell bio. Many of these classes have in-depth labs that are part of the educational process, which allows students to have a more hands-on experience when learning.

Social Sciences

Another incredibly popular course option is social sciences. These classes include studies such as economics and government. While you may not think of these types of courses as being beneficial for a medical student, it is easy to see how and why it might be needed when attending a university. This level of education can even help prepare you to become a business owner and entrepreneur once you’ve graduated, so learning about economics can be useful in improving revenue.

Specialized Health

Specialized health is a great prerequisite when wanting to be accepted into med school. The reason for this is because most health classes blend all other majors into one. Some of these specialized courses include nursing, dental hygiene, occupational therapy, physical therapy and public health. The education you receive from this specific schooling is often needed when attending a larger university, and it can give you an edge over many other students.


Humanities can include anything related to history, English and literature as well as world current events. While you may be wondering how or why humanities can benefit your application into a medical school, a vast majority of potential students have studied these courses and have had great success on their applications when passing all of the necessary exams and tests.

Math and Statistics

It is no surprise that most healthcare professions rely heavily on math and statistics. For this reason, taking a math course prior to applying for a university is important and can increase your chances of being accepted. There are many different math classes that you can take including calculus, algebra, computing and differential equations.