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CBD for Muscle Pain: Things You Need to Know

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is flourishing in the health and wellness industry. The primary reason behind the rising popularity of CBD is the various health benefits it provides. CBD may offer physical and psychological health benefits and help eliminate multiple ailments.  

Despite the boom of the CBD market and the wide range of CBD wellness products, there is still a misconception about CBD and its uses. This article will discuss how CBD can help your muscle pain. Read on, to know how you can use CBD in your daily life. 


CBD is renowned for its soothing properties and assistance in alleviating sleep-related issues, reducing stress and depression, but most popular for pain relief. CBD may help with chronic pain or pain caused due to strenuous physical activity. Isn’t it incredible that CBD products may help you with post-workout muscle inflammation?  

How Oral CBD works for muscle pain 

Ingesting CBD products through the mouth refers to oral CBD. Similar to any other mode of CBD usage, it has its benefits. The primary use of consuming oral CBD is that its effects may be long-lasting and effective throughout the body since it combines with the bloodstream and may act on all cannabinoid receptors. Oral CBD products are one of the widely used CBD supplements. For instance, you can find NuLeaf to help with insomnia and CBD gummies to keep your anxiety at bay. Oral CBD may usually provide anti-inflammatory effects, so it may offer promising results in pain relief. That is because usually, inflammation is the root cause of pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may halt any inflammation messenger activity in the body. Moreover, it may prevent the parts from receiving pain signals once combined with the cannabinoid receptors. That way, CBD may numb the pain and cause relief.  


How CBD Topicals may relieve muscle pain 

Unlike oral CBD products, CBD topicals are among the latest additions to CBD products. However, the popularity of CBD topicals is flourishing, as many athletes and fitness enthusiasts use them to relieve muscle pain after workouts. As the name suggests, CBD topicals act through transdermal application. Apply a small amount of CBD pain relief balm where the muscles hurt, and it may relieve the pain in some time. Oral CBD ingestion may be effective on the entire body since the CBD enters the bloodstream. That’s not the case with CBD topicals. They work only on specific applied areas with the help of additional skin-penetrating herbs like menthol present in them.  

When applied to the skin, CBD enters through the layers of skin, interacts with the cannabinoid receptors present in the dermal and epidermal layers. It may then activate the endocannabinoid system (ECS) through the cannabinoid receptors and stop the inflammation messenger activity, ultimately alleviating muscle pain. The only downside to CBD topicals is that the research related to their effectiveness is limited. However, a scientific study states that transdermal application of CBD may offer better results in relieving joint pain caused due to arthritis.  


Oral CBD or Topical CBD for muscle pain? 

Now that you are aware of CBD topicals and oral CBD products, you may be wondering what form of CBD intake may be effective for muscle and chronic pain. Needless to worry, we’ll help you with that too. Let’s discuss what form of CBD intake may be better, based on the type of pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing general muscle spasms, tension, and pain, rubbing a high-quality CBD topical may offer desired results and subdue the pain for some time.  

Oral CBD products may work best in the case of systematic and chronic pain. However, experts suggest that a combination of oral and topical CBD products may effectively relieve chronic pain. For instance, you can rely on pain relief CBD topicals During flare-ups and oral CBD products regularly as a relief measure.  

If you are dealing with post-workout muscle pain or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), CBD topicals can be your best friend. A high-quality CBD pain relief balm may offer the best results when applied post-workout or strenuous physical activity. You can also use CBD bath bombs to relax all the muscles of your body after a heavy workout. If you wish to eliminate your joint pain, a combination of both oral and topical CBD may be highly effective. 


Final Thoughts 

CBD is renowned for offering many health benefits, including pain relief. Whether you use CBD topicals or ingest CBD orally, the results and effects may not be the same for everyone. A small dosage of CBD may be highly effective for one person and show poor results on others. So, dosage plays a vital role in experiencing results through CBD usage.  

Another critical factor is the quality and cannabinoid concentration of CBD products and supplements. So, always ensure to buy high-quality CBD products from a renowned source. It’s always better to view the certificate of analysis (CoA) of a CBD product to know the cannabinoid concentration precisely.