CBD Products: Choosing the Right One

Since the World Health Organisation released a report finding no biological potential for CBD to cause addiction or abuse, products infused with the compound have become widely available. If you walk into a high street health food shop, you might find CBD oil and tea bags for sale. If you look online you’ll find specialist CBD retailers like Dayzed with an even wider choice of products – e-liquid for vapes, gummies, and lotions and creams.

Choosing the right option from this crowded field can feel overwhelming. How do you know you’re picking the right thing for you? Today we’re here to help.

Uses for CBD

First of all it’s important to look at what CBD can help you with. This helps you make a choice based on your needs. It’s important to note that clinical studies of the uses and risks of CBD are in their early days, so these are based on anecdotal data not unqualified medical authority.

Many people report that CBD is useful as part of a pain management regime, especially if you have chronic pain. Preliminary studies show signs that CBD can help to reduce inflammation, which makes it a useful thing to consider when that is the source of your discomfort – arthritis, for example.

CBD is also a popular choice for people living with chronic mental health issues. CBD can reportedly be effective in managing symptoms of depression, anxiety and low mood. Some people who experience negative side effects with traditional clinical medication have less intense or troubling side effects using CBD.

CBD Options

There are several options for actually taking CBD: you can take a tincture of the oil, often available with a dropper from a chemist or health food shop; you can buy edible, where the CBD is infused into chocolates or gummy sweets, or even tea bags; you can also buy CBD creams for topical application or e-liquids so you can inhale it through a vape.

The oil and vape liquid are absorbed quickly into your body – if you’re using it to manage pain or acute conditions, you might find this useful. Some report the oil has a bitter or unpleasant taste, so you may wish to drop it into a tea or infusion to mask the flavour. If you do this, make sure you include milk! CBD is soluble in fat but not water, so it won’t enter your body effectively if you don’t have a splash of milk. 

If you want CBD to help you with muscle pain, then a cream or lotion allows you to apply it to the specific area you’re having problems with. It can then be absorbed through the skin. If you’re managing a chronic condition, like a low level, constant pain, or anxiety you want to keep at bay all day, you might find edibles the most convenient route to take. This allows you to build a CBD dose into your routine as a snack or hot drink, ensuring you don’t miss a dose throughout the day.