Is Your Mattress Making You Sick and Tired?

Bad Mattress Blues

It may seem unbelievable to blame an old or bad mattress for several health woes, but a bad mattress can negatively impact your health and life in many ways. The first sign that many have of that a mattress is not good are aches and pains. Sleeping on a bad mattress can lead to back pain and irritability. The lack of restful sleep due to pain carries over into daily life as you experience more stress and a weakened immune system. No one likes to feel in pain and sluggish all day. A good restful night’s sleep is essential for restorative rest, a good mood, and a stress-free productive individual.

Many people know that a good latex mattress can help their overall health but don’t replace a bad mattress due to the price tag. Try to look at purchasing a good mattress as an investment in your health and wellbeing. Look for a mattress that provides support and conforms to your body. Everyone prefers different a firmness when sleeping so take care to do a little research when shopping and finding the best place to buy a mattress. Once you have found and purchased the perfect mattress consider sleeping on your side if you aren’t a side sleeper. Sleeping on the side helps to align the body correctly, reduces snoring, and alleviates sleep apnea. Sleeping on your side may be the best side to sleep on according to some research.

The key is to find the most comfortable mattress you can based on how you sleep and the quality of materials used in the mattress itself

Ease Pain With a Visit To a Chiropractor

Buying a new mattress with better support can help prevent future back, hip, and neck pain. It sometimes is not possible to get a new mattress quickly due to financial reasons, and even when you do buy a new mattress, your body still feels the effects of the old mattress. To help ease the aches and pains of sleeping on an old and uncomfortable mattress, consider visiting a chiropractor. A chiropractor can help start the processing of easing pain and starting your body off on the road to full recovery. Chiropractors use their hands for body manipulation to ease the pain in the joints, muscles, and skeleton.

The requirements to become a chiropractor are just as stringent as other medical fields. People who want to become a chiropractor must earn a bachelors degree, attend an accredited chiropractic college, obtain clinical experience, and a residency. Chiropractors must be licensed by the state they want to practice in and must continue their education to keep their license. Chiropractors must have knowledge about the skeletal system, muscles, and ligaments. Some insurance programs pay for the treatment of a chiropractor and some do not. Look for a licensed chiropractor to get treatment for the pain caused by sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. Don’t wait to get pain in the back, hips, and muscles treated. If you wait too long the pain may get worse and instead of one of two visits to the chiropractor you may need several appointments.

Dangers of Not Sleeping Enough

The effects of not getting enough sleep are not serious at first. Feeling sluggish and tired will affect your entire day. Your memory will start to suffer and you will notice that you aren’t as alert as you usually are. You work may suffer and you won’t feel that great throughout the day. Your quality of life and appearance will also suffer. Dark circles under the eyes can progress to premature wrinkles and skin problems. You might think that this is a temporary situation but if you continue to function with fewer hours of sleep than you need your health will continue to deteriorate.

As time progresses and a chronic lack of enough sleep continues you will start to see more health problems. Heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, depression, obesity, and heart failure are some of the serious health conditions that can appear with long-term sleep deprivation. It’s best to do everything you can to get a good night’s sleep. You will wake up refreshed, alert, and ready to start the day and you will avoid having health problems caused by lack of enough sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is very important to function as best as you can.