Clothing And Fashion Trends For 2019

Whether you are one of those people that meticulously layout and plan their wardrobes every day or you are one of those people that just wear the first thing you see in the closet, you cannot deny that fashion and clothing hasn’t changed over the years. Well, now that 2019 is where you are going to see some major changes in the clothing and fashion trends. So, what can you expect to see and how can you be prepared for what the New Year is going to bring in?

Get Ready For Oversized Hats

If you remember back in 2018 during the summer those oversized Bombay hats made quite the splash. Well, it seems that the fashion community can’t get enough of them and they are going to be here to stay. It doesn’t matter how big or how bold you go these hats will be a hit.

Sensible Shorts

It is no doubt true that cycling shorts stole the show in 2018. Well, that is going to be over and most people will be glad of it. Instead, it is going to be the more sensible shorts that are in fashion this year. In particular, it will be the tailored, micro, knee-length shorts and skirts that shine. To some females, this might give off a boyish feel, but they are comfortable and it is what’s going to be in style.

Take Advantage Of Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye was no doubt a huge thing in the sixties. Would you be surprised to learn that it is going to return and it is expected to stay? That’s right, tie-dye will be here in full swing and it won’t be just the tie-dye shirts that people are taking advantage. You are going to see two-piece tie-dies completely head to toe.

Fancy Flat Shoe Wear

2018 and the previous years was a big hit for the stilettos. Everywhere you went there was some tall blonde teetering in those six-inch heels. Well, once again those days are over and many women probably are happy at that. What’s replacing those towering shoes? Well, it is something that is about six inches closer to the ground and they are the fancy flat shoe wear. The shoes will not only be more comfortable, but they are going to be more exaggerated than ever. Whether they are adorned with feathers or high tie up laces, they are going to be present in abundance.

Flowing Prom Attire

During the past few years, prom dresses have changed significantly. In the past, it was common for these dresses to be elegant and flowing. Today, they’re slimming down in size and this is going to continue in 2019. While it might be a little risqué for high school students, the prom dress is getting smaller. If you want to stick with the new trends, you will want to choose a skimp dress that includes spaghetti straps.

The Vibrant Neon

If the sixties are making a come back in 2019, who says that the eighties can’t throw their hat in the rink as well? That’s right, dust off that old neon and get ready to sport it head to toe because it is back.