How to Find Your Purpose in Life and Live Your Life with Passion

Many adults struggle with life because they have not found their purpose. They feel as if their life has no meaning and no passion. Blessed are those individuals who can work at what they love, or at least engage in a hobby that gives them some pleasure.

Too many people work at a job that they don’t like, even hate, just to pay the bills. There is no passion or joy in their lives, just a daily treadmill of work, bills, and sleep if they can get it. Survival is the name of their game, which leaves little time for anything else.

To live with passion is to enjoy all aspects of your life. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what makes you happy, you believe you have no purpose in your life. Here is an outline to finding your purpose and how to live your life with passion.

Find What You Like to Do and What You Are Good At

Explore the type of things that make you happy and do the stuff that you are good at. Try a dance class, a cooking course, or other craft. You won’t know until you try.


Many times, what you are good at is not something you like to do. In other words, a cruel trick of fate. For example, you may be good at playing the guitar, but you don’t like to because your fingers hurt, or you don’t like to perform in front of an audience. This is not your purpose and will not bring you a passion for life.

Decide Where You Want to Go

If you want to teach underprivileged children to read or balance a chequebook, write it down. Then do some research into what types of organizations are out there that can help you fulfil this goal.  

Imagine you are already doing what you want and love to do. Each time you imagine you are performing your purpose, this will imprint on your subconscious and help you towards making the dream a reality.  

What Qualities Do You Admire in Someone Who is Living Their Purpose?

Think about someone you know or someone you know of, like a celebrity. Ask yourself what qualities do they hold that you admire and could start to implement in your own life. Write this down.

When you map out your purpose, you will be doing two things:

  1.   Sending your intentions out to the Universe
  2.   Making a commitment and a plan

Follow Your Heart

Listen to what your heart and your gut are telling you, and not your brain. Your heart knows what will bring you a passion for life, so follow it. Your gut will tell you if you are on the right path or not. If you listen to your head, you will continue in the same job, routine, relationship, and stuck places you’ve been in.

Think Back to The Times You Were Happiest and Why

Bring back happy memories. Think about what you were doing and if you were alone or with other people. Why did this memory bring you joy? Could you make a living doing this one thing? If not, could you volunteer and still be happy?

Don’t get down on yourself if the answers don’t come to you right away. Many people search long and hard for their purpose and that’s okay. You will find it when you are supposed to.