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Coronavirus Myths and Why It’s Important To Be Properly Informed

The spread of coronavirus has taken millions of lives in different parts of the world. Because this disease doesn’t always come with visible symptoms and is easily transmitted through physical contact, more and more people are getting affected as the days go by. The nature of the coronavirus is the reason why leaders opted to stop businesses as an attempt to save lives. The added challenge here also has to do with the fact that much is yet unknown about how to treat and manage this deadly virus.

Aside from following the guidelines set in your state or country, it’s also essential to know the facts and myths surrounding coronavirus. Countless platforms provide information about this deadly disease, but not all of them are accurate. Believing myths about coronavirus will only result in stress and anxiety, making it more challenging for you to get through these trying times.

With something as serious as a virus that can potentially take one’s life, all the more that it’s very important for you to believe in nothing else but the truth. Remember that when it comes to health issues, proper awareness is always key.In managing the Coronavirus, you have to focus on positivity instead. Also, stay away from any information that’s misleading.

For you to become a COVID-19 expert, and properly inform your loved ones about the dangers of this disease, make sure that you don’t believe any of these myths:

1.  Getting The Covid-19 Is A Death Sentence

Although the number of infected people is rising, a lot of people are also recovering from the coronavirus. If you or your loved ones fear that you have the Coronavirus, don’t take it as a death sentence. While many have died, there are also more that have successfully fought the virus.

The coronavirus can severely damage your lungs, and if you already have these health conditions, you have low chances of recovering. That’s why, according to statistics, individuals who are at high risk of dying from the virus are those that already have underlying health issues in the heart and lungs. This fact is due to the Coronavirus being essentially a respiratory illness. So, if you also have underlying problems with your respiratory system, that’s when things start to get complicated.

If a healthy person gets infected by the virus, and medical care has been given immediately, this person can still survive and live a healthy life again.

For you to feed your mind with more accurate information, read more about this through another reputable source.

2.  Wearing Face Masks Can Protect You From The Virus

Aside from staying at home, leaders around the world also require their citizens to wear face masks whenever they go out to buy essential items. However, wearing one doesn’t immediately grant you immunity from the virus as face masks are only worn in order to block the respiratory droplets of an infected patient that can be expelled from their mouth.

If you are healthy, wearing a face mask doesn’t ultimately keep you safe from the virus as this does not block out viral particles from an infected patient.  Even if you are wearing a mask, touching an infected person still allows you to get and even transmit the disease to other people. 

3.  Kids And The Young Population Can’t Get The Covid-19

Although seniors and adults are at high risk of getting coronavirus, this doesn’t mean that kids and teens can’t get infected. In fact, reports have been published showing how newborn babies are infected by the virus. 

This means that regardless of the age, as long as they are exposed to an infected patient, anyone can get the dreaded virus.

4.  You’re Aware That You Have Covid-19

One of the main reasons why the coronavirus is very challenging to manage and cure is because it doesn’t always have visible symptoms. Even if you already have the virus, you can still have the energy to work, and unknowingly spread the virus to your colleagues.

Some people do not even know that they died from the virus unless a swab test was taken from their corpse.

5.  Vitamin C Supplements Can Prevent You From Getting Coronavirus

Some of the most common symptoms of coronavirus include flu and runny nose, which is why a lot of people think that stocking up on vitamin C supplements can keep them safe from the virus. However, this isn’t true. 

These supplements can boost your immune system and might help ward off the common symptoms of the virus, but this doesn’t mean that taking these regularly can keep you safe from coronavirus itself.

There are still no vaccines from coronavirus, which means that no single drug or medicine can guarantee that you will be safe from catching it.

6. It’s Not Safe To Receive A Package From China

According to reports, the coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China, and started spreading in nearby cities, until the virus reached a global scale. But, unlike its survival rate on humans, the virus can’t stay alive on different surfaces. 

This works because the virus needs a host in order to survive for a long period – and surfaces such as metal, glass, and plastic don’t qualify to become the virus’s host.

There is a very low risk of spreading the virus from packaging and products, so you can still accept packages from China and not worry about your health and safety. Currently, there are no studies that support the claims that the virus can thrive on any surfaces.

7. Spraying Chlorine On Your Skin Kills The Virus

Chlorine and bleach should be used only to disinfect surfaces, not on your skin. Chlorine does nothing to kill viruses when you apply it on your skin. In fact, it may even do you more harm than good, especially when chlorine enters your mouth and your eyes, which can be very dangerous. 

Stay Updated

There’s no denying the fact that the Coronavirus that struck the world in late 2019 is relatively new – much still has to be learned about it. The whole medical community is scrambling with the need to put out accurate information for the general public to believe in. This challenge is precisely the reason why it’s important to filter out the resources that you choose to learn about the Coronavirus. Else, you might just be putting yourself in unnecessary panic by believing myths.

Today, several kinds of research are being done to better understand how the coronavirus works and how experts can create a vaccine. Aside from being able to determine which are facts and myths about the coronavirus, it’s also important that you keep yourself updated by using accurate and credible resources. 

Avoid relying too much on social media because not everything you see on this platform is backed up by science.  For something as serious as the Coronavirus, trust only those that you know for a fact to be true.