Could CoolSculpting Be the Solution to Getting Rid of Your Stubborn Fat?

Coolsculpting is becoming an increasingly popular solution for getting rid of stubborn fat. It’s noninvasive methods, limited side effects, and fast recovery time make them an ideal cosmetic procedure for individuals who can’t seem to get rid of fat in common problem areas. After completing a few sessions, patients reported seeing considerable results that help them look slimmer and live healthier lifestyles. 

You’re probably wondering, “If coolsculpting is so great, why doesn’t everyone do it?” The answer is because the procedure is not ideal for everyone. You may believe that all that’s required is some body fat you’re not interested in keeping, but there’s a lot more to it. 

The Best Candidates May Surprise You

This fat-freezing procedure is best considered by individuals who have stubborn fat in common areas of the body. Though it does freeze fat cells and reduce bulges in problem areas, it is not considered a weight-loss solution for individuals looking to shed all over weight like candidates considering weight-loss surgeries. 

Eligible candidates are not obese and instead are within range of their ideal weight. They simply have areas of fat or bulges on certain parts of the body. These individuals should have also tried other solutions like dieting, exercising, stress reduction, and increased sleep to shed the excess weight.

Signs Coolsculpting May be Right for You

Before choosing a coolsculpting provider it is required that you have a consultation with a provider and its recommended that you ask your doctor. While there are few risks with coolsculpting your doctor knows your medical history. As with any procedure, even though its non-surgical you should know what are the potential side effects other than the ideal results.

Close to Your Ideal Weight

Remember, coolsculpting is not best used as a weight-loss procedure. Though you will see some weight loss, it is typically only about 25% of the stubborn fat from common problem areas like the stomach, arms, back, buttocks, and thighs. You need to be close (for example within 10 or 20 pounds) to your recommended weight to be considered.

You’ve Tried Other Solutions

It might be easy to pack on the pounds but shedding fat isn’t an easy process. Before going to cosmetic procedures such as this, it is ideal that you’ve tried other solutions. This includes maintaining a healthy diet, staying active, reducing stress, and getting plenty of rest. You should have also consulted with your doctor to rule out any preexisting conditions (like thyroid problems) that could complicate weight loss efforts. 

You’re Healthy

Any medical procedure requires patients to be in their best health for the best results. Though coolsculpting is non-invasive and doesn’t have many side effects, your health status is considered. Those with certain pre existing conditions may be ruled out as a manner of safety. 

You’re Not Pregnant

Though there isn’t much research on coolsculpting and its effects on expectant mothers and their unborn children, it is recommended that you not be pregnant and schedule an appointment. Pregnancy changes the body in so many ways, you never know how those changes could impact the overall outcome of the procedure.

For women planning to become pregnant in the near future, caution should also be given to coolsculpting. You may receive the treatments and get the results you want. Since you could develop fat deposits during or immediately following the pregnancy, it is often recommended that you wait until after you’ve given birth to consider coolsculpting. 

 You Have Enough Fat

The best coolsculpting candidates are within range of their ideal weight, however, they must also have enough fat for the procedure to take place. In the targeted area, the practitioner needs to be able to pinch the fat. 

 You’re Educated

Even if you check all the boxes above you should not consider coolsculpting if you have not taken the time to educate yourself. You need to have a full grasp on how the procedure works, what to expect, how to prepare, how to best recover, and the potential side effects. A consultation with a coolsculpting provider can give you more insight on these details. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to get informed so that you feel completely comfortable with the process. 

Everyone wants to look and feel their best. Yet even with significant changes to their lifestyles, getting to the ideal physical shape can be complicated. If you’ve been struggling to get rid of fat in common problem areas, and meet the criteria listed above, perhaps you’re an ideal candidate for coolsculpting.