Dating a Couch Potato When You’re a Fitness Buff

Girls who like to hit the gym a few times a week, take a group glass, go to a yoga retreat, and overall take good care of their bodies are super confident and happy to be alive. Everyone wants to feed off their positive energy and hang out with them, despite the fact they often have to go shopping on their own because their friends are too intimidated to go with them. Oh, the joys of being ripped. Even though we live in a time when gyms are full of sweaty men trying to make their bodies resemble that of Brad Pitt’s in Troy as closely as possible, there are still a few types of guys out there that wouldn’t see the inside of a weight room if their lives depended on it. Of all the athletes out there you had to go and fall for a couch potato that doesn’t get up before 10 am and is the exemplar of the fact that round is a shape too. Well, it is what it is, and instead of being mad at yourself for falling for him, you might as well make the best of it. Today, we talk about fit dates and those that are, well, getting there, and what you can do to convince him he should enjoy your body and your healthy habits instead of trying to make you join him on the dark side.

Dress to Impress

If he’s not particularly physically active and would much rather hit a bar than go for a jog, it’s only natural that he’ll try to drag you down with him, maybe even unintentionally. Instead of going for a bike ride, he’d offer to watch your favorite TV show on Netflix again until you’re both blue in the face or when you’re making vegan cookies he’ll sabotage your efforts by ordering a huge waffle with ice cream dripping all over it just because. 

Instead of trying to talk him into changing his habits or at least leaving yours alone, show him what your habits do to your body. When you’re out and about, make sure your clothes do you justice, showing off all the sweat and tears that have gone into building it, especially if you know you’ll be running into his friends or hanging out with them. Sure, he knows how hot you are, clothes or no clothes, but once his friends realize he’s got a hottie by his side, you’ll indirectly give his ego such a boost he’ll change his waffle order to a salad instantly!

Stay Confident

People who aren’t active enough forget how great a ‘workout high’ feels, and what it does to increase someone’s self-confidence. They also forget that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which in your case means no wonder you’re a happy-go-lucky individual, and your round-shaped boyfriend is crazy about you. 

Sure, your killer abs and your high-school-volleyball-player behind help, but it’s your energy and your self-confidence that make you insanely attractive. Whatever you do, stay true to what you love and don’t let him change your healthy habits. Pretty soon, he’ll realize he’s not smitten with your because of the way you look but because of the way you make him feel when you’re around. Once he realizes it’s your healthy lifestyle that is a huge part of your self-identity, he’ll quit trying to sabotage you, and might, just might, follow in your footsteps.

Don’t Try to Change Him

Just as much as you detest him trying to change you, you shouldn’t try to influence his choices either. If he’d rather shoot himself in the head than train for the marathon, don’t pressure him into doing it. Let him sleep in and look like he just rolled out of bed at noon, play his video games, hang out with his friends, stay up all night partying or whatever it is that makes him that adorable. He never thought he’d be into fit singles dating either but here he is too! There is a reason why you fell for him, and that reason is definitely not your compatibility when it comes to physical fitness, but whatever it is, let him nurture it so your feelings for him only grow as time goes on. He’ll appreciate you for respecting his lifestyle, and he’ll love you even more if you don’t try to run his life.