De-stress your life and stay healthier – Get better rates on insurance policies

Whether due to daily commute issues like traffic or huge work pressures or an unhappy marriage, constant stress can have adverse impacts on your body. In fact, stress is associated with different health issues like sleep, mood and a loss of appetite and the biggest impact it has is on your heart. You ask the doctors and they’ll tell you how chronic stress can have an adverse impact on your heart. Stress will lead to inflammation which is the main instigator of heart disease. The usual opinion among people is that stress has a bad impact on your heart but if you take a look at the statistics, it is graver.

Stress can have a detrimental influence on your heart disease in more ways than one. Stress causes few people to react in different ways which in turn increases the risk of a heart problem. Stressed people often tend to eat more unhealthy food and they even don’t get enough time to exercise and work out. Stress leads to heart-damaging behaviors like drinking too much of alcohol and smoking. This in turn will make you pay more on your health insurance policy and keep you from getting the best health funds – iSelect. Is there a solution?

Breaking this harmful connection

If you want to break the connection, you will both need to manage all your unhealthy and harmful habits and learn how to deal with stress. Here are few tips which can help you do that.

  • Adopt an optimistic attitude

When the levels of stress hormone or cortisol increase in your body, you will be subject to inflammation which leads to a bad impact on your heart. Laughter is considered as the best therapy to lower the levels of stress hormone, reduce artery inflammation and boost the levels of good HDL cholesterol.

  • Practice meditation

Researches and studies have showed that the practice of deep breathing and self-focused thought can reduce the risk of heart issues and can stabilize your blood pressure levels. The close relatives of meditation like prayer and yoga can also lead your body and mind to relax.

  • Unplug to escape stress

It is almost impossible to keep stress at bay if it follows you everywhere. This is why, there are times when you can just unplug and cut the cord in order to rewind yourself. Avoid TV news, mails and take some time off everyday, even when that means for 10-15 minutes. This is the best method of escaping from the stress of the world.

  • Practice exercise daily

Whenever you are active physically, whether you engage in walking or playing tennis, your body will release endorphins which are chemicals that boost your mood. By exercising, you cannot just eliminate stress but this also safeguards you from all kinds of heart diseases, strengthens the muscles of your heart, helps you maintain a healthy weight and stabilizes your blood pressure levels.

We always associate stress and stress-induced diseases with the health aspect of our lives. But if a company pays you for staying fit and healthy, wouldn’t you pay more attention to your health? Try to follow the above listed tips to distress your life and live a happier life.