Woman suffering from pain in knee joint.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg: How People Can Treat Body Aches & Pains

Reducing Aches and Pains – How Many Treatments Can Decrease Soreness

If a patient is experiencing chronic pain, an experienced physician may recommend chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, topical medications and therapeutic massages. The patient could also take over-the-counter medications that can substantially reduce cytokines, which are inflammatory enzymes. These strategies may decrease soreness, improve mobility, enhance well-being and reduce sensitivity.

Studying the Benefits of Chiropractic Treatments

Once a chiropractor examines a patient, the expert may provide treatments that can improve the flexibility of the joints, and these treatments could relieve tension, decrease back pain and mitigate the effects of inflammation. According to several reports, the chiropractic treatments may also increase the levels of endorphins within the central nervous system. The endorphins could considerably reduce chronic pain, improve well-being and increase attentiveness, and the endorphins can decrease the neural signals that may cause chronic pain.

Recommending Physical Therapy

Usually, physical therapy can strengthen the muscles, improve mobility and increase endurance. The physical therapist may also recommend many exercises that will improve the flexibility of the joints, and according to several reports, physical therapy could substantially reduce inflammation within the tendons.

When a patient is suffering from back pain, physical therapy could effectively strengthen the muscles that surround the spine. These muscles can support the joints, the spinal discs and the nerves. Therefore, the stronger muscles may substantially reduce the level of pressure within the spine. Fortunately, physical therapy can strengthen the rhomboids, the trapezius muscles and the latissimus dorsi, and physical therapy may also improve muscular endurance.

Providing Therapeutic Massages

Some physicians may suggest therapeutic massages that will relax the muscles, and the massages can increase the production of serotonin. Once an expert provides a therapeutic massage, the treatments may also reduce the risk of muscle spasms. When a person receives a massage, the central nervous system will release multiple types of endorphins, and these endorphins can relieve chronic pain, improve the person’s mood, reduce anxiety and increase attentiveness.

After a patient contacts a physician, the doctor can describe therapeutic massages that will reduce back pain, knee pain, inflammation and stiffness. Moreover, Dr. Jordan Sudberg could recommend massages that will benefit athletes, and if an athlete has experienced an injury, the massages may improve speed, increase strength, promote relaxation and enhance flexibility.

Selecting Topical Medications

Before a patient purchases a topical medication, the person can examine topical creams that could reduce inflammation, and these creams may decrease the levels of prostaglandins within the muscles. Prostaglandins are inflammatory enzymes that could exacerbate chronic pain. Once a patient applies the topical medication, the cream may relieve the pain within 15 seconds. Usually, the patient will notice the benefits of the medication for at least two hours. Subsequently, the person can reapply the topical medication, and the patient may also take over-the-counter medications that could reduce chronic inflammation.

Improving the Quality of Sleep

Many patients may experience back pain because their mattresses do not provide adequate support. While a patient is sleeping, the mattress should support the spine, the joints and the vertebral discs. If a mattress is worn, the patient may experience back pain, chronic stiffness and inflammation, and during the daytime, these symptoms could substantially reduce mobility.

The patient can select a durable mattress that features memory foam, and this material may improve comfort, support the vertebral discs and reduce back pain. Once a patient goes to bed, the brain may also produce delta waves. These brain waves can promote deep sleep, and consequently, the brain waves could reduce insomnia, improve the circadian rhythm and enhance the benefits of sleep.

Examining Ergonomic Treatments

Some doctors frequently recommend ergonomic treatments that could substantially improve posture, strengthen the muscles and enhance the flexibility of the joints. During the last 18 years, Dr. Jordan Sudberg has helped many patients who were experiencing chronic pain, and the physician has recommended ergonomic treatments that can reduce soreness, optimize the alignment of the spine and decrease inflammation. Once you contact a physician, the expert may describe ergonomic exercises, several types of stretches, mobility equipment and the benefits of physical therapy. According to multiple reports, the ergonomic treatments may significantly reduce the risk of injuries in the future, and the treatments could increase mobility, reduce stiffness and improve strength.