Drinking Tea

There are many variables as to why drinking tea is beneficial for the body. It can help stimulate brain development and is very helpful for migraines. Helen Lee Schifter drinks tea every day. Green Tea and Jasmine Tea are full of antioxidants that help with the maintenance of a healthy body. 

For example, Green Tea can assist with weight loss and to lower sugar levels. Nowadays, there is so much hidden sugar in most foods. This can clog arteries and dismantle the body’s health. That is why it is critical to flush such toxins out of the system. For generations, people have been drinking Green Tea as a way to find tranquility as well. Finding inner peace only comes after deep reflection and consideration. Tea can help calm down the nervous system and rescue blood pressure. Anxiety is found in almost everyone now. That is why Helen Lee Schifter practices tea ceremonies to calm herself down and find a healthy, positive, attitude.