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Eliminate Back Pain Practicing Yoga at Home With Glo

Back pain! Who needs it? No one! Unfortunately, the majority of people will experience it at some point in their lives. While there are several causes for back pain, some of the most common are a bad posture and a weak core. Both of which are caused by spending too much time sitting down which is what most people do all day. You sit down driving or busing it to work, you sit down hunched over your desk all day at work, and then you go home and sit down in front of the TV! It’s definitely advised that you go and see a doctor to find out the root cause of your pain, but in most cases, incorporating yoga into your daily routine can be a great help. Here is how practicing yoga at home with Glo can help to relieve back pain.

All About Glo

Glo is a unique company who have established an online platform allowing millions of people worldwide to practice yoga at home. They offer a wide variety of classes taught by trained professionals with decades of combined experience. Their yoga at home classes are great for people like yourself who suffer from a crippling condition that makes it difficult to join a physical class. There is zero pressure to join as they offer a 15-day free trial, if you are happy with their services, you only pay $18 per month which gives you 24-hour access to their yoga at home, meditation and Pilates classes.

How Yoga at Home Can Relieve Back Pain

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Strengthening: Although there are no weights involved, yoga isolates certain muscles and helps strengthen them. Positions are held for a few seconds at a time, to do so, you will need to focus while using certain muscles in the body. Muscles are strengthened as these positions are held and various movements are incorporated. Several of the postures gently strengthen the back and stomach muscles which help to support the spine and maintain a good posture. Once these muscles are strengthened, back pain is significantly reduced.

Stretching and Relaxation: Yoga also involves stretching and relaxation, this helps to reduce tension in the muscles that support the back. While you are holding a yoga pose, certain muscles stretch while others flex, this promotes relaxation and flexibility in the joints and muscles.

Breathing: Breathing is an essential component of yoga poses. While holding a position, you are also required to inhale and exhale deeply. Proper breathing relaxes the body and stimulates the organs for better blood circulation.

Practicing yoga at home will train you in the proper form and posture of each position. Classes are as short as five minutes, allowing you to practice gentle stretching exercises in the comfort of your own home. Within a few sessions, you will notice the difference in pain reduction, your posture and your general wellbeing. Before you begin, you have the choice to decide which teacher you want to train with and the intensity level of the session. There is so much more to learn and experience with yoga at home with Glo, so why not make the most out of their 15-day free trial and eliminate back pain for good!