Factors to consider when buying the best Ellipticals and Treadmills

If you are worried about your increasing weight and yet going to a gym is not manageable, you can plan to buy the right equipment for your home. Most health conscious people are buying and using a treadmill or maybe an elliptical to stay fit in the long run. Fitness experts say that these machines are functional, very easy to use, and if used correctly can ideally burn considerable calories, help in weight management and also strengthen your heart health.

Although a Horizon Elliptical is said to serve an all round purpose, there are many models of these machines to consider. Elliptical Trainers combine many facets of fitness regimes like stair climbing, running, cross country skiing and all forms of truly intense workouts. With an elliptical trainer, you can be sure of effective cross training activity that is beneficial for nearly everyone, from novice to professional athletes.

Treadmills have always been popular workout equipment owing to their convenience and utility factors. Today the market is flooded with various kinds of treadmills like the motorized, manual, or inclined ones; however Proform treadmill is still the best seller. Here are some major factors that you need to consider when deciding to buy either of these machines as they cost a good amount of money and are usually one time investments of most of the buyers.

General Factors to be remembered while buying treadmills or elliptical

  1. What are your goals? – Just check if it is only you who will be exercising on the machine or other family members would also use. If you buy a low quality, under-powered treadmill and elliptical for the sake of price; the efficacy will vary for single and multiple runners.
  2. Research online – Do your homework well by choosing the right type and brand and this can be done best online. You can get a clear picture of the top rated brands through website ratings, product reviews and forums. The manufacturers’ websites and respective Facebook pages would let you know which models are really popular and durable.
  3. Choose the right store–Nowadays, most of the models can be purchased online through the manufacturers’ websites; you can however consider retail stores as well because they strive to provide you the genuine quality that can be tested in the store before buying. Do not go for discounted items.
  4. Test the equipment –If you are buying online, make sure you read at least 10-20 reviews on the product before purchasing it. Talk to friends and relatives who have used it and get the real picture before placing the order. If buying from retail stores, testing the product is much easier.

Specific Factors for treadmills –

  1. The machine should have easily navigable console and screen and a large, noticeable, digital readout.
  2. Check the shock absorption system.
  3. Evaluate the electronic features like fans and interactivity that show you the amount of calories burned. The heart rate interactivity is very important for motivation. Customized programs also make it easy to use.
  4. Must have adequate motor; go for a 2.0 and above relentless duty HP motor.
  5. Check the manual for knowing the safety and maintenance rules and match with your possibilities.
  6. Have a careful look through the warranty papers and opt for the one that provides for at least 1 year of for extensive usage warranty and a minimum of 1-3 years warranty on parts.

Specific Factors for elliptical trainer –

  1. Check for the adjustable incline that exercises the muscle groups.
  2. The machine should have smooth elliptical motion and allow natural movement.
  3. It should have adjustable resistance that can be done electronically.
  4. Must have forward and reverse motions with quiet operation.
  5. Read the electronic features.

The above mentioned factors would surely help you to hit on the right machine for your upcoming fitness regime.

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