Father Francis Aning Amoah Shares Different Methods Of Expressing Spirituality

In today’s highly secular world, many people of faith struggle with putting their spiritual beliefs into practice daily. Today’s fast-paced existence does not often allow for time spent in reflection. However, there are many ways to express their spirituality every day, enriching their lives and showing a good example to the people around them.

Many people neglect their spiritual practices when life is easy, coming back to them only when circumstances have become difficult. Spirituality is seen as a necessity only when a person needs help. However, expressing your spirituality every day regardless of what is going on in your life is a positive step toward a happier and more balanced existence.

Father Francis Aning Amoah, a Catholic priest located in Falls Church, Virginia, shares the different methods of expressing spirituality in daily life and how these activities can bring calm and fulfillment.


Prayer is one of the simplest ways to express spirituality every day. Praying can happen anywhere and everywhere, as long as a person has a moment of reflective time and the ability to focus inward. Father Francis Aning Amoah teaches that private prayer expresses the self’s connection with God, and it can help center a person and align with positive influences.

Reciting a set prayer from your spiritual practice can be helpful, and composing your prayer based on your needs at the time can also be beneficial. No matter which type of prayer you choose, it is a good idea to put your attention exclusively on prayer and try not to multi-task. Your intention is largely why prayer works to reshape your way of looking at the world.

When you take the time to communicate with the divine in your daily life, you can experience the benefits of a better spiritual balance.


Meditation is similar to prayer in some ways, but it can also be practiced by people who do not have a specific connection to an established religion. People who are spiritual seekers searching for ways to connect with the divine are often drawn to meditation.

The simplest meditations involve deep breathing. Breathing meditations are simple to learn and confer many spiritual and health benefits.

Another type of meditation that many people find helpful today is called mindfulness. Mindfulness concentrates on accepting all of the thoughts and sensations that you experience without judgment. It is an excellent way to return yourself to the present rather than trying to wish your circumstances away.

Practicing Gratitude

Spending time thinking about the daily events you are grateful for can be an excellent way to connect with your spiritual side. Even on days when you feel that life is not going your way, you will likely find moments that you are thankful for. This attitude adjustment can help you find the gifts every day and remind you that a divine influence is looking out for you even when times are hard.

Opening up the space for positive events to happen can be hard when dealing with anxiety, depression, or family problems. Still, it is a good idea to change your attitude and find what you are grateful for.


Taking the time every day to write in a journal can give you an important opportunity to reflect on your day and on your life in general. Father Francis Aning Amoah advises his followers to keep gratitude journals, and it is a wonderful idea to keep a tangible reminder of what you are grateful for. Journaling can also be used to help you work through problems and discover emotional connections.

If you have trouble finding things to write about in your journal, consider reading a spiritual book and doing the exercises. A book from your religion can help you connect with the teachings you are receiving in church and help you get closer to the ideal of daily prayer and reflection.

Take Care of Your Body

To nourish your spiritual life, it is also necessary to ensure your physical body is taken care of. Having a strong spiritual practice may mean that you already take care of your body, but if you have been neglecting one aspect of your life in favor of another, it can be beneficial to achieve balance.

Eat healthy, exercise, and try to cut out dangerous habits like alcohol and tobacco. When you live a healthy life, you will have a clearer mind and an easier time pursuing your spiritual goals.

Accepting What Life Has in Store

One of the most important underpinnings of spiritual existence is accepting that we are not always controlling our lives. Being spiritually aware often means that we need to relinquish control over what happens in our lives and trust that the divine power is watching out for us and will guide our steps.

Meditation, prayer, exercise, and gratitude are four ways to come to a better spiritual understanding. Father Francis Aning Amoah recommends that everyone practice prayer in their preferred religion every day. Even people who do not have a religious practice can connect with their spiritual needs through meditation and gratitude.