Five Breathing Exercises to Ease Out Stress from Body and Mind

Stress and lack of sleep come as part and parcel of the pressures of our daily life. Apart from the hectic schedule, there is the added burden of pollution and dirt that can add to the feelings of mental stress. On top of that, the fast-paced world and the advancement of technology is making life complicated by the day. Going into the purple massage room whenever you feel stressed is not something that everyone can afford to due to lack of time. In such a scenario, the quickest way to relax is through breathing exercises.If stress is getting to you, try out the following four simple breathing exercises.

  1. Equal breathing or ‘SamaVritti.’

This is the simplest of all breathing exercises, but there is no doubt about its effectiveness. Start with inhaling for four counts and then exhale for four counts through the nose. Your breathing resistance will increase gradually through this activity. You will need some time to get used to this breathing technique and once you get used to it try increasing the breathing counts. Take it up to six or eight counts depending on how comfortable you feel. This is a highly efficient technique to help you fall asleep, and you can try doing it before going to bed.

  1. Abdominal breathing technique

If you do not have access to a special purple massage room but want some simple stress-relief technique, then this abdominal breathing routine will be of immense help to you. Put a hand on your chest and put the other hand on the belly. Breathe deeply through the nose and feel the inflation of your diaphragm that will create enough room for air to enter your lungs. Take around six to ten deep breaths each minute and continue doing this every day for ten minutes. This breathing technique is perfect for a quick relief of tension before going for activities like business meetings or exams.

  1. Kapalabhati technique of breathing

Kapalabhati technique is something that has been suggested by the experts and sages for years. This technique of breathing begins with the intake of slow, long breaths and releasing the breath quick and strongly. Draw the breath from the lower belly. When you become comfortable with contractions, increase the pace and the number of breaths. You can use this method to warm up the body after you wake up in the morning and again, there is no need to look for a separate purple massage room.

  1. The alternate nostril breathing

This breathing method unites both sides of the brain leading to calmness and re-establishing of body balance. Close one nostril by pressing a thumb over it and then inhale through the other nostril. Now release the closed nostril and exhale through it while closing the other nostril. Keep repeating the process as many times as you feel comfortable with.

You can do these exercises anywhere and at any time without needing help from any specialized equipment. Now, start doing them to bring the balance back to your life.