Five Reasons Owning A Boat Can Be Great For Your Health

Some say the two best days of owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. There must be more to the subject than that, though, or the boating industry would have gone under by now. It isn’t always sunshine and fair weather cruising in boat ownership, the entry cost is high, there is a considerable amount of boat maintenance, and the operating expenses don’t seem to go down. Even looking for a boat transport company that’s efficient, reliable, and especially affordable, can be pretty hard. Assuming you can afford the entry fee and the costs for operations, what are some of the best reasons for owning your boat.

Boat can reduce stress

We are assaulted with the hectic paces of our days, places to be, things to do; it is all hurry, hurry, hurry. Boats don’t usually involve a lot of hurry. They can be fast and noisy, but they can also provide a lot of slow, unhurried time. Sitting offshore, lounging in the sun or swimming, motoring along at an idle, or trolling along as you are fishing the bustle of the world seems to dissipate along with your stress. Maybe we don’t do enough disengaging in our society, and boats appear to have a way of disengaging us. Sometimes, when things are just frustrating, your boat seems like the perfect destination to blow some of that frustration off and bring a hint of a smile to your face.

Physical activity

Anything that gets you off of your recliner and out the door’s right for you. Boats provide a plentiful array of opportunities for physical activities. From carrying loads of stuff to and from your vehicle to swimming or skiing, you are just busier with a boat. Fishing, diving, swimming, skiing, and a host of other action words have some relationship with boating.  Not to mention that you cannot boat indoors, you are outside in the sun and fresh air, moving around and living.

Bonding with family and friends

Put a small group of people together in a small area, and they will get to know each other better. Add a dose of sunshine, fun, and excitement to the mixture and things just get better. Shared experiences tighten those bonds we have, and if those relationships are built on memorable experiences, those bonds last a lifetime. Pictures of fish, people skiing or tubing, friends lifting a beer or two are all lifelong memories that we carry.

The ocean is closer than you think

Humans have a special relationship with the water. We are fascinated by the way it moves, by what lives within it, by how it keeps us alive. Millions flock to the shores on a daily basis, longing for that deeper relationship with water. Boating brings us in contact with that essential element in a way we sincerely desire. We are transported, we become a part of, we enter into the water. Boating puts in touch with our histories, how our families came to our shores. With a short drive to a marina or launch, you are in touch with years of mariners, men, and women who have carved the seas for millennia.

It’s more affordable than you think

If you do your research, take your family into consideration, and buy wisely, your family can save money because of your purchase. Your vacations and fun adventures start to be built on the water, and your boat is the conveyance for fun. You can travel, entertain, and camp on the right boat. More and more your off time and expense goes into your pocket and not a big hotel or amusement park.