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Five Things To Brighten Up Someone’s Day

Have you ever simply wanted to brighten someone’s day? Maybe they are under the weather, or maybe they are just in a bad mood and you want to help cheer them up. Maybe you simply need to do a little something for your own self to brighten your day.

There are many things that can assist you in brightening your day or the day of another person, even a stranger, but you want to do something that is simple. Simplicity makes it easier to brighten someone’s day even on an instant whim. You don’t want to have to put a lot of thought into it if you just find out your friend isn’t feeling well.


A beautiful bouquet of flowers can brighten anyone’s day. It can be a big one or a small one, in a vase or without one. You can purchase a bouquet or even pick one in the wild. Flowers in general have a way of changing the way someone feels.

That is one of the reasons why people sue flowers to decorate their weddings, to decorate parties, and one of the big reasons why people give flowers to those that are in the hospital. They really can make a difference.

A Plant

Not all people like cut flowers, because they die soon. So, if you know the person who needs their day brightened and know they don’t usually like flowers you may want to get them a live plant. Plants last longer, if they are taken care of, and you can find some plants with beautiful blooms that make them a bouquet on their own.

A Card

A card may not seem like much, but if you pick the perfect card for the individual you intend to give it to and it is perfect for the occasion, then it is an excellent pick-me-up gift. If it’s possible, hand deliver your card instead of mailing it, that way you can combine it with the next item that really helps cheer others.

A Smile

Sometimes just a simple smile is enough to turn someone else’s frown upside-down. You can give a smile to anyone and they are absolutely free. Smiles are easy to give to anyone, even strangers. Start smiling more at everyone you see and look at the difference it makes!

A Treat

You could also cheer someone up with a treat, store bought or homemade. You, of course, want to make sure that they don’t have any food allergies or diet restrictions. A nice treat, even a fruit basket, can easily cheer someone up.

It doesn’t matter if there is a real reason for cheering someone up or if you just want to put a smile on a stranger’s face, it isn’t too difficult to do something nice for another person and make them have a better and brighter day.