Five Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone, often referred to as the male sex hormone, actually serves several different important functions in the male body, and the female body as well. Yes, Testosterone is in fact a sex hormone, whose effects range from the final days of an adult man or woman, all the way back to conception in utero. Testosterone helps the early cells of what eventually becomes a human baby to take on gender identity, and actually form into a male or female.

Later contributing to bone and muscular growth, the formation of healthy sex organs and their proper fluids, sexual drive and libido, and even psychological well-being, Testosterone is not only a critical component in the human body, but one that needs to be continually produced throughout one’s life. Listed below are five methods shown scientifically to enable the body to produce the proper amounts of Testosterone long-term:

Eliminate Stress

It is hard enough to keep the proper levels of Testosterone levels high, without taking into consideration that there are hormones that counteract it. Cortisol is an essential human substance, something that is injected by the brain into the bloodstream in high-stress situations, where our alertness, decisiveness, and physical agility is in high demand. This response is absolutely essential in life-or-death situations, but does put Testosterone production and dissemination on hold. The problem is, if we’re stressed all the time…Cortisol is present all the time. The biggest improvement one can make to increase Testosterone is to learn to properly cope with, and reduce, the amount of internal stress being experienced.

Lift Weights

All forms of exercise have their specific areas of benefit; jogging helps burn excess fat, stretching helps maintain joints ligaments that prevent injury, and swimming boosts cardiovascular and respiratory abilities. In regards to Testosterone production, lifting heavy objects fires the body into proper distribution of Testosterone, and signals the testicles or ovaries to produce more. Although all forms of exercise help, and are certainly important aspects of a well-balanced lifestyle, for some reason forcing the body to lift amounts more than it typically lifts (within reason of course) is clinically proven to be one of the strongest indicators of high sexual health, particularly for men.

Eat Non-Processed Foods

Even though minimizing stress and consistently working out are certainly tough adjustments that require significant effort to maintain long-term, it can be very difficult to eat properly to boost Testosterone. Many, if not most, of the food options we come in contact with are moderately to heavily processed, in order to make them more profitable when selling them to the public. The good news is that, with the nutrition revolution currently sweeping the United States, more and more organic, non-processed foods are available for consumption, both at restaurants and in grocery stores. It is easier than ever to find options for an individual and family that will keep hormone levels where they need to be.


Jogging is certainly beneficial to Testosterone production; there is no question. However, studies show that a massive increase of Testosterone enters the bloodstream when someone who is exercising really exerts themselves and runs their very fastest, rather than just a set pace. Taking one’s exercise regimen to the next level by playing sports or running hard is shown to do wonders for improving Testosterone levels.

Take Vitamins, specifically Vitamin D and Zinc, and Get Outside

A wide variety of different minerals and vitamins are necessary to properly regulate the body, hence the widespread use of multivitamins. Although these are a great start, Zinc and Vitamin D are two that are particularly related to Testosterone production. These are both easily found over the counter, and Vitamin D is also produced naturally when human skin is properly exposed to sunlight…

Every man is different, and if these or other solutions aren’t yielding the results being sought after, go see a doctor. Some scenarios require additional action, and there are several safe, affordable testosterone replacement therapies that are available to the public.