Five Ways to Reduce Life’s Stresses

Stress is often a trigger for people who abuse alcohol and drugs. Instead of resolving their stress productively, they choose to drink or take drugs to try to forget about their problems. Unfortunately, that can lead to more serious problems like addiction.

For people who use drugs or alcohol during times of stress, and those in recovery, these alternative stress relievers can provide a healthy way to reduce or eliminate stress.

We know just how to make your life stresses subside 

Try Meditation

A great way to relieve stress is to take a few minutes out of your day to meditate. Not only can meditation help with mental and emotional tension, but it has several health benefits as well.

Studies have proven that meditation can reduce blood pressure, control anxiety, and improve sleep, among other benefits. Learning meditation isn’t difficult, and anyone can teach themselves how to do it.

Write Out Thoughts

Sometimes when you’re under stress or angry, you can feel better by writing out what you’re thinking. Instead of taking your problems out on someone else, especially those closest to you. Write in a journal or on a notepad about what is going on and how you’re feeling about it.

If you’re angry or feeling strained because of someone, like a spouse or boss, write a letter to them, putting everything you want to say in the letter.

However, instead of sending it, put it away in a sealed envelope in a desk drawer, or burn it, so those thoughts stay private and you figuratively diminish them to nothing.

Take Up a Hobby

Focusing on something else when you’re under pressure or stress can help reduce it and help you collect your thoughts. Being able to take a break from everything that is going on in your life is a habit that everyone needs.

Having a hobby, like exercising, painting, or playing an instrument can be the stress reliever you need to maintain your recovery. When you go to a rehabilitation facility, you can start or continue a hobby to destress. Learn more by going to for help.

Go for a Walk

Try to find a nice park or path in a scenic area in which to walk. Listen to the sounds of nature, take in some sun, and breathe deeply of the fresh clean air.

Nature walks are a proven way to relax and increase the attention span, so they can help those in recovery stay sober. Even those who don’t have an addiction can benefit from them.

Declutter Your Life

Whether it is having too many knick-knacks, piles of paper on your desk, or enabling friends, start weeding out some of the clutter in your life. 

Take some time to re-evaluate what possessions you have, need, and want, then get rid of the rest. Do the same with the people around you.

You shouldn’t allow people who are not supportive of your recovery to remain a big part of your life. Recovering from drugs or alcohol is a life and death issue for many and you need supportive friends and family in your life that are willing to help you.

Stress can make people react in many ways, and for some people that may mean turning to alcohol or drugs to take a break from their problems. 

However, these five alternatives will not only help those in recovery stay sober, they also have other health and mental benefits that can improve your life.