Fun Exercises for Female Seniors

With aging comes different body changes and complications. But the good news is, no one’s ever too young or too old to stay fit! Being healthy and looking good is something you owe to yourself. To do so, one must be committed in eating right and staying active. Exercising doesn’t need to be boring. Here are some fun physical activities female seniors can enjoy to keep them glowing and more healthy.


Yoga has always been known to be a good stress-relieving meditation. This is why it has formed a strong following nowadays. Aside from beating stress, it is also an excellent full-body workout. Interestingly, the world’s oldest Yoga teacher is a  95-year-old woman who can still bend more flexibly than most younger girls. This only means that this workout knows no age and can even be very fitting for women over fifty. Yoga develops the body’s core strength and helps in lengthening and strengthening the muscles. Aches and pains—especially that annoying back pain—are normal as we age. Yoga helps in alleviating them by enhancing flexibility and engaging connective tissue through slow yet effective positions.

Tai Chi

Another interesting activity that female seniors can do is Tai Chi.  While it is often associated with male participants, this workout is also ideal for the ladies. Moreover, it is a recommended exercise for seniors because of its many benefits. For one, it regulates and lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. This internal martial art is also capable of promoting a good night’s sleep and re-establishing biomechanical alignments. And since it fuses moving meditation with coordination and balance, dealing with everyday activities like cleaning the house and gardening or getting in and out of the bathtub is made so much easier. Tai Chi helps managing stress while developing strength through low-impact motion moves.


Because it is low impact and practically has minimal risk of injury, swimming is also known to be ideal for seniors because it’s a full body workout that utilizes all the muscle groups. It eases pains from the joints, increases flexibility, and tones muscles. Bone density increases with age and women are known to have a higher risk of osteoporosis. Swimming can minimize your risk. Likewise, it is good for the both the heart and mind. Swimming keeps the heart healthy by making it stronger, larger, and more efficient at blood pumping through the body. It prevents coronary heart disease and lowers inflammation by preventing fatty build-ups in the arteries. Swimming also helps the mental health as it can relieve stress and improve mood levels.

Water aerobics

Aside from swimming, there is other aqua exercises that you can do. One of which is water aerobics. It enhances flexibility, and cardiovascular and muscular endurance. This is ideal for those with bone, joint, or muscle problems. Water aerobics eases strain on problematic area because the buoyancy and resistance of the water challenges the body. Plus, water aerobics not only helps seniors become physically fit, enrolling in a class would mean more time to have fun and socialize.


Biking is definitely back and senior, including women, can definitely benefit from it. This is one of the easiest ways to exercise and one that is easily enjoyed. There are a lot of benefits one can get from biking. It is an effective way to build stamina, improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and improve the heart’s health. Going outdoors help seniors breathe in fresh air and even socialize. It is important to note however that seniors must take precautionary measures before biking. For security, one must have a reliable communication device like an easy to use mobile  phone or one that provides senior-friendly service like Great Call. It is also important to consult a doctor before going biking or any form of physical exercise.