A Healthy Smile: The Top 5 Healthiest Foods for Your Teeth

It takes a lot more than brushing and flossing your teeth to keep them in good shape. If you do not eat the proper foods, then you will never be able to achieve the healthiest smile possible. While there are several foods that are great for your smile, these are the five that provide the most benefits.


While many fruits can be too acidic and cause harm to your smile, pineapple does the exact opposite. The nutrients found in a pineapple work as a stain remover when they come in contact with your teeth. If you combine eating pineapple with your other teeth cleaning regiments, then you should notice a difference in any stains on your teeth.


Salmon is filled with several vitamins that are great for your overall health and teeth. The calcium and vitamin D that is found in salmon will not only give you healthier bones, but it will also help make your teeth stronger. Nobody wants to find out they have weak teeth. So you should start taking care of your oral health by eating more salmon.


Carrots are known for providing essential vitamins for eye health, but they are also great for a healthy smile. Carrots are filled with vitamin A that greatly enhances the health of the enamel on your teeth. When crisped this can be an excellent replacement snack for those who got top grade dentures in Indianapolis. They maintain the moisture within your mouth and create a liveable environment for them.


One of the best ways to maintain a healthy smile is by increasing the saliva production in your mouth. Saliva is necessary to remove anything that can potentially stain your teeth. While drinking a lot of water is great for increased saliva production, it can also be achieved by eating cucumbers.

Sesame Seeds

Plaque has the potential to do more harm to your smile than anything else, and it is also one of the hardest things to remove from your teeth. Eating sesame seeds will allow you to eliminate the unwanted plaque while you enjoy a tasty treat. The sesame seeds acts has a scrub brush as the rub against your teeth while eating.

Now that you know the five best foods to eat for your mouth, there is no reason to not maintain a healthy smile. If you can avoid the acidic and sweet foods that do harm to your smile and stick to these healthy foods, then you should have no problem maintaining the healthiest mouth possible.