Get In The Know: 5 Reputable Research Outlets For 5 Controversial Health Topics

America’s healthcare system is slathered in controversy, and there does not seem to be any relief in sight.  For years, the people of our nation have been arguing and battling over the limitations and boundaries of health science and treatment possibilities for an array of ailments contributing to the decay of human health.  

With no foreseeable end in sight, the controversy surrounding some health topics simply will not die down.  Make up your own mind on how you feel about these controversial health topics with these reputable research outlets.  

Stem cell research and treatments

The mention of stem cell research and therapies is not a new subject.  The medical community has been using stem cell treatments for bone marrow transplants for years.  

Scientists first discovered how to extract stem cells from human umbilical cords in the late 90s, and the controversy ensued.  Recent developments in stem cell research have made it possible the the decades long controversy may soon find an end.

Assisted suicide for terminal patients

There are plenty of moral dilemmas to be discussed when it comes to euthanasia and assisted suicide.  Ethical appropriateness was the most voiced concern when assisted suicide first came into the public eye.  

The infamous Dr. Kevorkian was the first notable medical professional to provide assisted suicide to terminal patients.  Though he may be seen as a brave innovator in the future, he was not well received by the public.  

Medical and recreational marijuana use

One of today’s most talked-about health topics is the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana.  For years, marijuana has been rated a schedule one narcotic in the United States, meaning that the substance has no real medicinal properties in the eyes of the nation’s legal system.  

Whether or not to vaccinate your children

There is no legal requirement for parents in the United States to vaccinate their children, and there has been more and more controversy surrounding the issue recently.  Some people are afraid that vaccinations can cause other terrible health issues in their children, and others see it as a benign necessity of childhood.  

Birth control and Plan B

The question of whether or not Plan B is actually a form of abortion or birth control has been rolling around in the minds of many for several years.  

Knowledge is the best way to decipher the reality of any situation, and it is important that you get your information from more than one source.  Though this is a very reputable site for information regarding the topic, there is much more to learn regarding birth control and Plan B.