Get Out of the Friend Zone and be her Boyfriend before its too late

We were best friends since we were 5 years old. With our age, our friendship also grew. But why is it that for past few months, I have started developing more intense feelings for her and want to become “more than just a friend?” I am burning with a strong desire to make her my girlfriend, which for some reasons, she isn’t able to understand.

Are you stuck in such a friendship too? You need to escape from this “friend zone” soon to become the love of her life. Experts at Men’s Health Digest, in their Irexis reviews, stated that in many situations, the reason to escape the friend zone is sexually motivated; in which one friend desires to get physically intimate with the other. However, the reason for this is the strong feelings they have for their friend, rather than just being a lust-related issue. It could be a “friends with benefits” type of thing too!

Here are some tips to help you take your relationship to the next level.

Tips to Escape the “Friend Zone”

  • Recognize Why You Love her: You cannot motivate yourself to fall in love with a person unless you are sure that she is the one who has the potential to complete you as a person. Remember, being best friends for years doesn’t guarantee that she is your soul mate. Think of various challenging situations and how you two responded to each other during that time.
  • Analyze you Desires: Experts say that the reason for escaping the friend zone could be sexually motivated, which is not a very good reason by itself. If your attempt to transform your friendship into a romantic one doesn’t work out, it could have unintended repercussions, where you could lose your best friend forever. If your friend is undergoing similar sexual desires, circumstances might reveal this at some point.
  • Drop Hints: You can start with some healthy flirting, while complementing her on her appearance, style or intellect. She’ll be confused about what might have gotten into you, which will attract her more towards you. You need to behave extra manly and show chivalry, wherever possible, without offending her. Try to spend as much time as you can with her, so that she’ll be able to see more of your true feelings. Invite her for a sport, hike, a concert and even a family event at your place.
  • Choose the Correct Timing: Timing plays a very crucial role in getting your proposal accepted. Never reveal your feelings when she’s under stress, or has just had a fight with her current boyfriend. When you find the right occasion, be extremely forward and use words wisely to let her know how you feel about her. You can use small, physical gestures, like touching her arm or her face or kissing on the cheek, respectfully, to help awaken her feelings and create a desire in her for more.

If you get lucky and manage to move to a romantic relationship, remember to not stop being her friend too. It is now your duty to not let her go and do everything possible to keep her happy, especially in your sex life. This is where the use of the best male enhancement pills like Irexis, with ingredients that boost stronger and longer erections, while increasing libido and stamina, can help take your sexual performance to the next level. However, do check the dosage and side effects beforehand.