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Giving Back to Healthcare Workers

Giving Back to Healthcare Workers

The year has been busy. There is still the pandemic happening in addition to regular illnesses. Throughout this entire time there have been some people that can be depended on. These people are healthcare workers. Jordan Sudberg knows that these people are working hard and want to make sure everyone is safe and has the medical attention that they need. Sudberg wants people to be nice to the healthcare workers. There are ways to support healthcare workers.


Healthcare workers need protective equipment so that they can be safe when dealing with sick people. They need to treat everyone they encounter as if they are ill. It is important to support them and make sure they have the protective items that they need. A person can do this by writing to congress and their local government making sure this equipment is available. Healthcare professionals should not have to be in danger to keep others safe.

Support on Social Media

There is so much negativity going around social media that it is nice to say good things about people. Posting something supportive will show the healthcare providers that there are people out there that appreciate what they do.

Food Delivery

It would be a nice surprise to the healthcare providers to have a meal provided for them. Getting together and ordering some food or even coffee for the healthcare workers is a nice gesture. This will show that people are taking notice of their efforts.

Drop of Essentials

With shortages all over the country there are some basic supplies that they can use. They can always use things such as toilet paper, gloves, and similar items. There are some supplies that can be left in the break rooms that will make it easier for those that need to work even during the pandemic.

Call Ahead

Before going to the doctor especially for non-emergencies it will be considerate to call ahead. This way there is not a crowded waiting room with germs spreading around. if a person is experiencing minor healthcare issues, they may be able to conference with a doctor or nurse over the phone or online platform. This will help keep everyone safe.

Stay Home

This may seem simple, and it may not seem like it would help but one of the biggest things that a person can do is stay home. When a person is at home, they are not spreading their germs and they are not coming in contact with others that may have germs. This will help germs from spreading and will keep everyone safe. This will reduce the strain that is put on the healthcare providers. This will reduce the stain on the entire system and will allow a person to do their part. These are some of the things Jordan Sudberg thinks can be done to give back to healthcare workers. These people put themselves on the line every shift to make sure others can be healthy. These small gestures will show the healthcare workers that they are appreciated.