Health and Safety: and the Age of Smarter Living

Health and wellness are not just matters of exercise and nutrition. Sometimes the health of thousands (or tens of thousands) depends on the health of a single thing: the proper maintenance and management of a residential building or a commercial property.

Without the freedom to ensure a building is up to code, without the liberty to send and receive real-time alerts about everything from a leak to a flood, without the ability to customize an application based on the specific details of a building, including its design and particular layout –– without these features, residents and workers alike face an unnecessary risk to life and limb.

The good news is that there are professionals who recognize the seriousness of this situation, that personal safety is inseparable from the physical safety of an apartment complex or corporate campus. Having the convenience to resolve these matters quickly – and decisively – is at the center of what an application like offers.

More importantly, this solution furthers the benefits of mobilization, automation and communication. The first two eliminate paper flow and the delays that are an inevitable part of requesting – and waiting for – help from a building owner or property manager. The third factor is essential to promoting safety, so there is awareness by all parties about sudden crises, emergencies or greater oversight about challenges that may constitute a health hazard.

For example: If a tenant has a mold problem, or if the ventilation system worsens a resident’s chronic asthma, this scenario is not simply an annoyance or an inconvenience; it is health and safety issue. Rather than wait days or weeks for a response, never mind months for someone to fix this thing, technology enables tenants to report this development immediately. Real-time communication guarantees that those who should be accountable are responsible; that someone is responsive to these events, ready to act and resolute about the necessity of action; that safety is the priority it should be; that safety is the highest priority it must be.

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This topic is one that deserves maximum attention, because we cannot have a healthy citizenry living or working in an unhealthy environment.