Health Benefits of Organ Complex Supplements for a Keto Diet

Keto diets are all the rage. These low carb, high fat diets lower blood sugar and insulin levels and they are recommended for weight loss and the improvement of overall health. 

There are several types of foods that are recommended in a keto diet, but organ meats are particularly rich in nutrients. If you feel a bit squeamish about eating them, you can get the benefits by taking them in organ complex supplemental form. Read on to find out more about organ meats and why you should be adding them to your meals.

What are Organ Meats?

Also known as offal, organ meats are animal’s organs and entrails. They are often served in international cuisine, but they are not as commonly found in western melas.

Offal comes in several varieties including chicken offal, lamb offal, beef offal and pork offal. It includes the heart, tongue, kidneys, liver, and intestines of the animal.

Home cooks in America may discard these cuts due to their unusual nature, but many countries include them in meals for their nutrient rich benefits.

Health Benefits of Organ Complex Meats

Different parts of the animal provide different health benefits. Here are some you should know about.

Liver: Liver is the best cut of an animal when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. It is rich in preformed vitamin A or retinol, zinc, choline, vitamin B12, folate, iron, and copper.

Heart: Animal hearts contain CoQ10, a heart protective antioxidant that is ten times more potent than vitamin E.

Kidney: Kidney has many of the nutrients found in liver and it also has high amounts of selenium, an antioxidant known for boosting immunity, sex hormone production and renal health.

Tongue: Like most meats, tongue is high in zinc and iron. It’s high fat content makes it perfect for keto dieters.

Stomach and Intestines: Stomach and intestines are rich in selenium and collagen which supports skin and hair health, wound healing and stable blood sugar.

Organ Complex Supplements are the Best Solution for Some

No matter how healthy the offal may be, there are some people who just aren’t comfortable eating it. That’s where organ complex supplements come in. You can take the supplements without having to think about eating an animal’s tongue, liver or (insert said body part here).

Environmedica manufactures an Organ Complex Supplement that provides the health benefits you are looking for.

The Environmedica brand is a producer of bath and body products that aim to detoxify and improve health. Their Organ Complex Supplement contains grass fed liver, kidney, pancreas and heart that are rich in vitamins, enzymes and minerals. They support healthy skin, eyes, metabolism, bones, and immune function.

Offal may not be the most appetizing food, but it sure is good for you. If you don’t feel great about eating it in meals, organ complex supplements make the ideal alternative. Good luck getting all you can out of your keto diet.