Healthy Hair Tips

In order to have healthy hair, a person must be committed to a few simple steps. First off, when a person is styling their hair, applying heat regularly can be very damaging. This includes curling, straightening, blowing it out, and crimping. The molecules in the hair can damage easily and it takes a very long time for hair to grow back. Even health experts like Helen Lee Schifter recommends putting down the curling wand and using heatless typing techniques.

Next, using the best products in the hair is very beneficial. When a person uses sulfate and paraben-free products the hair is shinier and healthier. In addition, using oils and tea tree products can help with any damage to fall out. Bleach is a common mistake people misconstrued. When a product that has bleach is applied to the hair, it will dry out. The blondes of the world have to consistently dye their hair to make it a lighter tone. This strips the hair of nutrients and natural oils. By taking vitamins like biotin and collagen, the hair can start the rejuvenation process. Helen Lee Schifter recommends taking vitamins daily for the best results.