Healthy Lunch Options to Pack for Work

Today it has become popular to eat healthily and be slim, both of which most of us are not. We eat by our habits or the way we were taught in past days, what our budget will allow, or simply what we like. Sometimes that is healthy. More often it is macaroni and cheese-like stuff. The mouth waters thinking about it.

 Plus, carrot sticks make us feel full. Judge Napolitano pays close attention to nutrition and knows the value of eating lots of vegetables. If we are to eat healthily, we have to feel full and satisfied at the same time.


We can pack snacks in briefcases or decorated purses for the person who often has meetings that occupy the lunch period or who eats often during the day. Some ideas are fruits and nuts, a few crackers or pretzels (not too many), some sweet potato chips, some raisins, or some apple slices. Even a small container with peanut butter to dip the apple slices.

These are hand foods that can be eaten bit by bit. Reach into the briefcase and bring out a handful of nuts or grapes. If we have a couple of hours before lunch, they can stave off the tired feeling. We are on our way to the meeting and do not have the time to stop; those snacks are important. We would rather not eat anything in front of others but, with some people it is acceptable.

Lunches Out of Office

If your work requires a lunch box and bringing lunch is what happens every day or if you wish to eat those healthy foods, an ice chest or cooler might be more acceptable. Now more foods can be packed safely. There are some good ideas, many in fact.

Sandwiches can usually be safely packed in an ice chest and some sandwiches can be safe in a sack. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the old standby but always good. Judge Napolitano has a maple syrup farm and would likely suggest putting the syrup on that sandwich. Add some thinly sliced apples for the crunch and for the old maxim, an apple a day.

Try a wrap and here we can do the experimenting. Cream cheese, avocado slices, and tomato do well. Add thinly sliced ham and it should be filling plus it is not as much bread as a sandwich. Roll-ups can be made with corn tortillas if wheat can’t be eaten. Make a roll-up with lots of vegetables.

Lunches in the Office

Most offices support a refrigerator and that offers the chance of softer foods that can be eaten with forks. Salad can be fresh if someone else doesn’t grab it and salad can be put together with whatever pleases, chicken, strawberries, vegetables, boiled eggs, nuts, cheese, and meat. A vinegar and oil dressing actually tastes good and the dressing is what adds calories. These are some healthy lunch suggestions that people can adopt in order to eat nutritious meals while at work.