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Helen Lee Schifter on the Value of Influencers

Helen Lee Schifter has been one of the most passionate and outspoken voices on the subject of the need to employ influencers for the purpose of educating the public and the masses of the importance of health and wellness. As Schifter has pointed out in her writing consistently, there is an unfortunate need for such a movement which stems from a reckless disregard on the part of so many, of the importance of these issues, which literally affect one’s physical health.

According to Helen Lee Schifter and other activists, these issues have been neglected in favor of career and professional development-oriented issues and activities. Of course, nobody is looking to diminish the importance, nor the significance of these former issues. Rather, it’s important that issues surrounding career development and those surrounding one’s health and wellness are fused together in terms of importance.

The two need not be mutually exclusive. There needs to be an influencer-driven campaign that seeks to educate members of the public concerning the importance and the value of health and wellness. Members of the public need to be fully and clearly aware of how significant these issues are – and how important it is that they fully take care of their health needs from an early age.

If young people are ever so conscious about their health issues and their wellness profiles, they’ll be able to make more informed and educated decisions in the form of life-choices as life goes on for them, and develops. So how can such a campaign truly be cultivated in a way that is as impactful as possible?

Step one is to be sure to identify influencers and well-regarded individuals who the youth demographic will be keen on listening to. This is truly the key ingredient to a successful and ultimately effective influencer-driven campaign on this important subject.

Step two is being sure that their digital and social platforms are being utilized with maximum effect so as to endear themselves and most importantly the message, to their younger audiences and followings. As such, it will undoubtedly make a monumental impact on the minds and decision-making processes of young people.

Ultimately, the people they hold in high-esteem are figures whose messages (so long as they’re well cultivate), they’re going to be most inclined to listen to. This is something that needs to be understood in order for there to be a recognition of the power that such influencers wield.

Moreover, the power and therefore by extension the value of their social media profiles and platforms need to be regarded and understood. The ability to manipulate public opinion can be used for constructive purposes in this case. There needs to be a redefined understanding of the importance of health and wellness. In order for such a conversation and dialogue to be stimulated, it has to start with people who are recognizable and whose words are listened to, intently.