Here’s How to Grow Long Healthy Hair With 7 Simple Tips

Trying to grow your hair long? 

This may feel like an uphill battle at times. According to the CDC, hair grows about half an inch per month on average. This can feel like nothing if you’re trying to gain major length. 

Not to worry, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help this process along and put you on the road to luscious locks. 

Read on for 7 tips about how to grow long healthy hair. 

Put the Hot Tools Down

If you don’t know by now, heat damages your hair. Blow drying, flat-ironing and curling your hair on a regular basis causes your hair to become dry and brittle. In some cases, it can even break off. 

Damaged and unhealthy hair doesn’t want to grow, let alone grow quickly. Whenever possible, skip the hot tools and let your hair air dry. 

If this sounds scary to you, try putting your hair in a loose, low braid to get some beachy waves. Or put coconut oil in it and slick it back in a low bun. Even just a few breaks from the heat here and there can help allow your hair to heal and rejuvenate. 

Don’t Over Wash

Similarly to how heat damages hair, over-washing can do the same. When you wash your hair, the natural oils it accumulates are also washed away, stripping your hair of what makes it glow and grow. 

Cut back on the number of times per week you wash. If you can go two days between washing, go for it. Otherwise, at least try for a wash only every other day at the most. 

Take Your Vitamins

If you’ve always had a hard time growing your hair, you may have to call in reinforcements. There are plenty of treatments out there like microneedling for hair regrowth

This type of option can be really effective. Another option is to take hair growth vitamins. 

Vitamin B is known to help hair growth and hair thickness. As always, you should consult with your doctor before introducing new supplements to your routine. 

Keep the Stress at Bay

When your body is stressed out, your functionary organs will begin to signal a “send help” message to your body. This means that vitamins and nutrients will immediately start flowing to those areas to prevent any problems and keep them working properly. 

This can mean fewer vitamins and nutrients are making it to your hair, skin, and nails. 

Have you ever noticed that when you’re particularly stressed, you lose some hair, your skin gets dry and sallow or your nails become brittle? 

Try to manage stress and implement tools to keep it from getting out of hand like meditation, exercise, and a good night’s sleep.

Get a Haircut

This may sound counterintuitive considering you’re trying to grow your hair, not make it shorter. But, a little trim can go a long way in keeping your hair healthy. 

When you go a long time without a haircut, the ends of your hair break and you’ll notice a ton of split ends. These split ends actually stop your hair growth. Cutting them off regenerates the ends and allows them to grow once more. 

Learn How to Brush

Only brush your hair when you need to and don’t overdo it. Over brushing with the wrong brush can cause hair to break and fall out more than it usually would. 

The kind of brush you use matters too. 

Try to get a brush with round plastic bristles. The more spread out the bristles are, the better. This will help prevent tangles and snags. 

Cool It on the Updo’s

That high, tight ponytail or bun is not helping your hair grow. 

If you can, try to keep styles that create tension and pulling on your hair to a minimum. Opt for a low ponytail or loose braid or a messy loose bun instead of a taught style. 

Now You Know How to Grow Long Healthy Hair!

With the tips above, you’re on your way to your dream hair length. 

Be patient, but implement as many of these practices as possible and remember to stay consistent. 

Consider this your toolbox for how to grow long healthy hair and pick and choose what methods work best for you. 

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