Home Invaders: 5 Pests That Can Be Detrimental To Your Health


Walking into your kitchen and finding a pest infestation, such as ants, is a horrific sight, especially if they are covering counters and exposed food. Aside from their unsightly presence, pests also bring in harmful germs that can sicken you and your family. We will consider a few different pests and some of the health issues they raise if they are not properly dealt with or eradicated.






One of the most common pests is the cockroach. Surviving as a species for hundreds of years, (maybe even capable of surviving nuclear bombs?) cockroaches feed on almost any food source, from feces to crumbs. Their bodies are covered in germs, such as salmonella. As they move about your home, they leave saliva and droppings as they rub surfaces with their body. If you have an infestation, you should do what you can to get rid of them and all surfaces ought to be sanitized to keep your family healthy.






In some regions, bats are losing their natural habitat and finding refuge in attics where they hide during the day. You may hear odd sounds during the late afternoon and early evening as they leave the building and hunt for prey nearby. The bats themselves usually stay away from humans, but their droppings accumulate and cause harmful germs throughout a home they’ve taken up as their own. A professional’s help is generally necessary in these cases to remove the pest safely.






The majority of spiders are non-venomous, but certain species, like black widows, actually inject you with venom that can lead to death or other serious injuries if anti-venom is not administered. If you are unsure of a spider species found in your home, seek a professional’s advice before coming close to it. One bite is enough to cause life-threatening symptoms, so be careful in killing or getting rid of them.






Mice and rats carry bacteria on their fur while their droppings encourage allergen buildup. Cover any openings into your home, such as broken floor boards. Use traps to catch the rodents. Exclusion and trapping are the best strategies to remove rodents and their harmful germs. One Bay area pest control expert has recommended not to use poison as it makes finding the dead animals difficult.



Bed Bugs



Difficult to detect, bed bugs hide within mattresses until a person lays in bed. Human breathing and warmth drives the pests from their hiding area. Bed bugs pierce your skin and drain small amounts of blood for sustenance. Your skin may have red bumps denoting the puncture points. Allergic reactions and possible infections occur from ongoing bed bug infestations. Heat treatment and mattress disposal may be the best ways to remove these pests.



Carefully inspect your home for any entry points that may tempt pests. Keep food covered and your home clean to drive pests away from your loved ones. Remember to seek proper medical care if you have any doubts about symptoms from bites or other encounters with pests.