How Acupuncture Works

How Acupuncture Works

Alexander Djerassi, the Chief Public Officer at has a high-stress job. So, one of his priorities is to find every way possible to relax. And one of the technologies that Alexander Djerassi adds to his life, with great results, is acupuncture.

Although many people think of Acupuncture as some touchy-feely New Age technique, the plain fact is that the Chinese have been using acupuncture with great success for thousands of years.

Sure, many people initially squirm at the thought of anyone putting tiny needles in their body, (a thought that is totally unjustified because acupuncture needles do not hurt a bit) but acupuncture is a real medical technology, with proven science to back it up.

How does acupuncture work?

A trained and licensed expert at acupuncture listens to your symptoms and then sets to work by strategically placing sterilized, tiny acupuncture needles into various parts of your body to relieve the symptoms.

The way acupuncture works is that these small, sterilized needles, cause a minute, mini-injury that is barely noticeable to you, but the brain notices.

The brain responds by sending healing energy, Chi, to the area where the needles are being placed.

Endorphins and other chemicals come rushing to those parts of the body and the end result is a healing, sometimes major, sometimes minor, takes place.

What can acupuncture be used for?

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Arthritic conditions
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleeping problems
  • Migraine headaches
  • Athletic injuries
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Inability to have orgasms and more.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to back up the claims of acupuncture, and before you pooh pooh it as being phony baloney, ask yourself have you ever taken aspirin for a headache, taken cold medicine, or maybe ingested an ED drug?

Of course, you have. Now ask yourself, how exactly does an aspirin pill relieve a headache?

No, you don’t know, and probably don’t care. The same goes for acupuncture. You don’t have to believe in it or chant sacred mantras while being treated. You just need to experience it for yourself.

Millions of people have undergone acupuncture treatment over thousands of years, and fortunately, in most states, you can see a licensed acupuncture practitioner in the U.S.

Alexander Djerassi heavily encourages readers to look into acupuncture. finds it a really effective way to relieve stress and highly recommends that people try it instead of taking a bunch of addictive, anxiety medication.

No, he doesn’t recommend you see an acupuncturist if you have a major disease such as cancer. Although acupuncture may help with the symptoms, in the case of major diseases, you need to see a regular doctor.

However, for stress, definitely consider acupuncture as part of your anti-stress routine, as it has shown to relieve levels of stress in people.

It’s effective, almost completely painless, and may just work miracles for your stress and for your mood.

Don’t get carried away and use it for major bodily problems, but for stress, acupuncture is a perfect antidote.