How Does Dr. Dov Rand Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

For men who are having difficulty with their ability to achieve and maintain an erection, the problem can seem all-encompassing. Though many men encounter this issue as they age, it can be devastating when it strikes, affecting other areas of health such as stress, and mental well-being. It does not, however, need to be viewed as an untreatable condition. With modern medicine making incredible strides towards combatting erectile dysfunction, there are many new and effective treatments available today. In order to explore these medical advances, we examined the practice of Dr. Dov Rand, who is known as a leader in the treatment of this condition.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Though many men have encountered it in their life, the question of what is causing a specific man’s difficulty is tricky to answer. This is due to the complicated nature of the erectile process. Achieving an erection requires a coordinated effort between multiple systems in a man’s body, including the muscular, nervous, and vascular systems. With so many different parts of the body needing to work in concert to achieve an erection, it is sometimes difficult for medical professionals to nail down any one cause. This can lead to a treatment of the symptoms (often through the use of drugs like Viagra) rather than the underlying causes.

Application of shockwaves

One area in which Dr. Dov Rand differs from others in the medical field is through his use of emerging treatments and new research to achieve results. This can be seen from the use of shockwave technology, or GAINSWave, at his practice. This treatment involves the application of shockwaves to a penis in order to induce the creation of new blood vessels. With these new vessels, blood flow improves to the penis and erections become firmer and easier to achieve.

Proper supplementation

Another area in which the doctor helps to treat patients is through the use of supplements to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition in their diet. Many supplements, such as ginseng, have shown intriguing effects over the years with respect to blood flow in the male body. By following a specially tailored regimen of supplementation, patients can help to improve their body’s natural ability to become aroused.

The role of hormones in treatment

Another important area to consider for any man suffering from erectile dysfunction is how the levels of hormones in his body may be affecting him. It has been shown that drops in hormones such as testosterone can hamper a man’s ability to become aroused by reducing his libido. While many practices in these cases may prescribe synthetic hormones that approximate the hormones in a person’s body, the doctor’s practice utilizes bio-identical hormones to more closely mimic the body’s natural state. These hormones have been shown to have a greater ability to alleviate medical ailments and improve hormonal levels in patients.

Although erectile dysfunction may seem like a foregone conclusion for many men, it does not have to be so. Modern medical advances have made the treatment of the condition more and more accessible. Seeking out the advice of a medical professional like Dr. Dov Rand can be an important first step for any many affected by this disorder.

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