How Effective Are Urgent Care Clinics?

Urgent care clinics can be an effective alternative if you need to see a doctor quickly but your regular physician does not have any open appointments for that day. But just how effective are urgent care centers? If you’ve never had to go to an urgent care clinic before, this article will help you learn about some of the things to expect before you head to your closest urgent care clinic. 

Locate An Urgent Care Center That Fits Your Needs

It can be to your advantage to know where you want to go to for an urgent care center before you get sick. Nothing is worse than not being able to see your doctor and then be scrambling to sort out where you need to head for treatment while you aren’t feeling well. 

You’ll need to check with the clinic to see if they’ll accept your health insurance plan (and is in network if applicable) to reduce your out-of-pocket responsibility. If you have specific health needs, you should locate a facility that specializes in the care you need. Additionally, it’s good to check and see if the urgent care facility could communicate with your normal doctor’s office and if the two medical centers could share your records. 

Take Your Medical Information With You To Your Urgent Care Clinic

One mistake people sometimes make when going to an urgent care facility for the first time is they won’t take their insurance cards or other medical documentation. Many urgent care centers won’t maintain an extensive record of a patient’s medical history like your regular doctor’s office will, and they definitely won’t have this information if it’s your first visit to their facility. 

On top of taking your insurance cards, take a detailed list of the prescriptions you’re taking on a daily basis along with their dosage. 

Finally, be sure to take a picture ID as well. You’ll also be responsible for any copays at the time of your appointment, so also take some form of payment with you. 

Know The Best Time To Go To Your Urgent Care Clinic

One of the main advantages of urgent care clinics is that they’re open outside of normal business hours. This means that they’re likely to be open on nights and on the weekends. If you have no other chance to see a doctor this can greatly be to your advantage. However, these can also be some of the busiest times for urgent care centers because a lot of different people try to take advantage of them being open during these extended hours. If you can make time to go during the day, that would be recommended to save you time in the waiting room. 

Overall, urgent care clinics are effective and affordable ways for you to get treatment, especially if you can’t get in to see your normal doctor right away. It’s just important to know what urgent care facility you’re choosing and you need to ensure that you’re picking one that fits best with your medical needs. For more info about urgent care facilities, visit