How Exercise Can Help With Prostate Cancer

It is no surprise to anyone that moving our bodies more is great for our overall health. We all know that exercise is good for us and that getting outdoors is great for our mental health, but did you know that exercise can help with prostate cancer. Of course, if you have high prostate-specific antigens and/or a prostate cancer diagnosis you should always speak to your doctor and follow medical advice, but an exercise routine can be helpful too.

Exercising For Our Well-Being

There are lots of excuses that we can give for not exercising – we can’t afford the gym, we don’t have the time or we’re too tired and definitely popular ones. Firstly, you can most definitely exercise without the cost of a gym membership. If you think that accountability is important, lookup local exercise classes or outdoor walking groups which are both great ways to meet others on a similar fitness journey to you.

Lack of time is generally just a reason we tell ourselves for not doing something – we can easily go for a walk at lunchtime or take half an hour in the evening to do a workout. You might feel too tired but actually once you have completed a workout you’re likely to feel invigorated so it’s worth forcing yourself to do it!

How Exercise Can Help With Prostate Cancer

We all know that exercise helps with our overall well-being, but actually if we are ill then stepping up our exercise routine can sometimes help – prostate cancer tends to be one of those times. For starters, if you have cancer then you want to be strong and healthy to fight it – which means that good heart health and bone density is important – both of these are improved by exercise. Some studies show that there may be a link between insulin levels and cancer, so exercising to decrease our blood sugar levels is also a good idea.

If you are undergoing prostate cancer treatment then one side effect can be Androgen Deprivation Theory. This brings on things such as bone disease, an increase in fat mass and muscle loss. Exercise can help with these, so alongside advice from your doctor exercise is recommended.

What Exercise Should I Undertake?

Always speak to your doctor about the exercise that you want to undertake however anything that gets your blood pumping is a good idea. The only exercise that should be avoided while having prostate issues is cycling. Otherwise, as long as your doctor says it is okay to do so then walking, jogging and/or swimming are all recommended.

The best thing you can do is get into a regular exercise routine as this is the best way to improve your overall health. If you are able to then doing some exercises that concentrate on strength training is also a good idea. As always, you know your body better than anyone else so listen to it and only do what you are able, but if you are able to exercise then it may well complement your prostate cancer treatment.