How Health Policy Changes Have Helped More Smokers Quit

As we get older, many of us start to make lifestyle changes to help us live longer.  One of the lifestyle habits that many people look towards is smoking.  Smoking is known to cause numerous diseases, including heart disease and lung cancer, however, it’s a habit that is very hard to quit.  According to a recent infographic by Hofstra Law’s health law degree program, things may be about to change.

A number of new health policy laws have been put into effect in the US, the UK and elsewhere in the western world these last few years.  One has been changed to cigarettes.  Cigarettes and tobacco are no longer able to contain any branding, and all must contain health warnings and images.  According to the infographic, which you can see below, this has encouraged over 25% of smokers to quit the habit.

How Health Law and Policy Changes Affect Public Consumption Habits is an infographic created by Hofstra Law.