How Sleep Helps Reduce Anxiety

How Sleep Reduces Anxiety

By now I’m sure that everyone knows just how important sleep is. Sleep is a key factor in our moods, as well as many other things. Did you know sleep also plays a part in anxiety? A good, quality sleep can help reduce anxiety. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Even Helen Lee Schifter thinks sleep is important.

Did you know that a good, quality sleep can reduce anxiety? You may be wondering how that is, but let’s first discuss how important sleep is. If you don’t get a good sleep you will be more noticeably irritable, and even cranky, the next time. You will be more tired, and exhausted, as well. You won’t perform your daily tasks as great as you normally do. These are just some of the common, well known, effects of getting less sleep.

Getting a good sleep can help you to just overall feel better, and more refreshed. This just really sets you up for a more successful day. When you wake up after a good, amazing sleep, it feels as if you’re on top of your game. Nothing can stop you, or ruin your mood, or even your day for that matter. It’s a great feeling to have.

Sleep does play a part in our anxiety too, believe it or not. If you get a good sleep, then it can help reduce your anxiety, and make you feel anxious. Anybody with anxiety needs to know this information, because it’s so important. If you suffer from anxiety, please give it a try. Might be that you already know this though, and that sleep factors into how your anxiety is for the day.

It is proven science that deep sleep restores the brain’s prefrontal mechanism that manages our emotions. It decreases physiological and emotional reactors in the brain, which works towards preventing the rise of anxiety. This is the science of it, in simple words.

Sleep has such effects on the brain, like you wouldn’t understand, or believe possible. Sleep is so important, and beneficial, to us. We need at least 8 hours of good sleep every night, so that we can properly function. Getting a good sleep helps us think better, and be able to make better decisions. We don’t have as much brain fog when we get a good, quality sleep, as compared to when we sleep terribly, or only get a few hours of sleep.
I hope that you can really see why sleep is so important, even people like Helen Lee Schifter know the importance of a good sleep. It can help reduce our anxiety levels, which is an amazing thing, especially for those who suffer from anxiety disorders. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get at least 8 hours of sleep. You need at least that many. Work towards having a good, quality sleep. Don’t try letting anything disturb you as you sleep. Get your sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed, renewed. You won’t regret it.