How Smoking Weed Can Impact Your Health

There are a lot of speculations about the health benefits of smoking weed. Some of them are still unverified and without any apparent facts. Although there could be certain benefits associated with smoking weed, the risk certainly outweighs the benefits. Since more and more people are consuming or inhaling cannabis, these risks are worth the mention. Here’s an overview of how smoking weed impacts your health.

Tar Formation

Breathing in clean air may sound like a dream, especially if you live in big cities with polluted air. The air you breathe contains tiny particles of dust, ash, and other pollutants, which eventually reaches your lungs. Similarly, when you smoke weed, tons of burned plants, particles get into your lungs. These particles are the size of a speck of dust and hard to see. These particles settle, accumulate, and stick together to form a tar-like resin. This condition can turn into serious ailments which you cannot overlook. Reducing smoking and practicing breathing exercise can certainly help in breaking down this junk.

Psychoactive effect

Researches have shown that long term exposure to weed smoke can cause a psychoactive effect. Risk of Psychoactive effect spikes in closed and confined spaces such as cars and lifts, which causes an increase in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels one of the active compounds present in weeds, which causes high. Eventually, this exposure can produce mild impairment in performing motor tasks.

This risk furthers, If you’re smoking in confined spaces such as a car. However, the weed smell can develop in the car and will last longer than expected if you were continually smoking out there. To know how to get rid of weed smell read this post by Blaze4Days. This post answers all your questions concerning how to eliminate weed odor.

Heart Issues

While smoking weed couple of week doesn’t have much effect on your heart health. But, the active smokers who inhale this pernicious smoke for than 3 hours are generally at significant risk of heart failure or heart attack. According to a study at Boston University, people have a high risk of a heart attack during the first hour of weed smoking due to increase in heartbeats. Therefore, It is always best to call an emergency medical professional, If you experience such a condition.

Although the risk of heart issues is marginally high than individuals with pre-existing heart conditions, it is best to get your heart diagnosed for any severe problems.


The way you smoke has a strange correlation with developing a headache. Not being familiar with safe smoking methods can cause impaired flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which eventually causes a headache. Therefore, picking the reliable smoking tool is crucial in mitigating the damage done to your body.


While it is essential to diminish the smoking habit to deal with any serious risk, adopting a healthy lifestyle can also work pretty well. As most of the damage done pertains to lungs & heart, One can choose to do deep breathing exercises to heal the damage and flush toxins out of the body. Other physical activities will also be beneficial to increase blood circulation and oxygen supply.