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How Time Outside Can Make You Healthier

There are many ways that spending more time outside can do good things for your health. From simply getting some fresh air, to getting some actual exercise, the great outdoors is home to so much health and wellness. You just have to make some time to get out there.

What should you do once you are outside? Well, it depends on your area and how much energy you have. Here are a few great things to do in the great outdoors.

Get In The Woods

If you have a park or a National Forest anywhere near your home, these offer great opportunities. Walking through the trees can really be a spiritual journey, plus you get to spend time with nature. Walking is a great time for meditating on life, or just being calm and listening to the sounds of the birds and other critters.

You could opt to go for a hike. This is an excellent way to burn calories, and get fit. Hiking can be fun to do alone, or go with some friends. You could even take your children hiking and turn the walk into a nature lesson.

Another way to get outdoors and get healthier is to take up hunting, or even fishing. Wild game is the healthiest meat option out there. Venison is actually considered a healthy red meat, and is full of awesome nutrients for your body. Hunting and fishing also both teach you patience.

Go For A Swim

Swimming is a great way to get in some easy and fun fitness, whether you are swimming in an outdoor pool or in a lake or pond. It’s a full body workout that doesn’t feel like one, since being in the water makes you virtually weightless.

Swimming pool fitness is especially good for people with joint problems, pain issues, and even people with a little too much weight on them. You can get a good workout and not put any strain on yourself.

If you want to have a relaxing swim, you may want to invest in your own pool, since public pools and lakes can often be pretty busy, and loud. Swimming can be relaxing though, if you find a quiet beach to swim at. Make sure you know how to be a safe swimmer if you chose to swim alone.

Just Sit Outside

Sitting outside my not help you burn any calories, but it’s still healthy. Get at least 15 minutes in the sunlight each day for a boost of vitamin D in it’s best format. Plus, a little fresh air can be great for clearing your mind

Take ten minutes to sit outside and meditate, or if meditation isn’t your thing just sit outside and read. Both can be extremely relaxing, which will help reduce stress in your life.