How to Buy a Good Quality Backpack for a Healthy Trip?

Whether you are going for your next summer travel, an adventurous expedition, camping excursion shopping spree or even an outdoor day out for stress release, the most common element in all of these trips is a backpack. For many people, a backpack is much beyond a storage accessory. In the recent past, it has emerged as a style accessory and trendy backpacks have been the rage.

A lot of designers have ventured into designing backpacks increasing their prices by many folds. That said, backpacks are not merely about good design but also of great utility. This is why many people find shopping for backpacks as one of the most confusing tasks. Here are a few things to consider when buying a canvas rucksack backpack so that it is just perfect for all your travelling and commuting needs.


Many people tend to overlook the comfort factor when buying backpacks probably because it is an external gear and you do not really have to wear it. However, comfort is actually the most important factor that defines a good backpack. This is because backpacks are all about carrying weight while you are on the go and that is precisely why you need to feel comfortable when carrying a backpack.

If your backpack is putting a strain on your muscle or giving you a backache you will not want to carry it again. In order to ensure comfort, make sure your backpack is lightweight. This is because you will be putting more weight on it in the form of contents you will be carrying, therefore, an already bulky design will mean more weight to carry.

Make sure that the shoulder straps of the backpack are adjustable so that you can adjust them as per your comfort and avoid straining your shoulders and lower back. A comfortable backpack will have a well-padded contoured back and an adjustable hip belt so that it ensures that the weight of the bag is distributed evenly across your back and is not pressurizing a particular bone or muscle.


Even if you are someone who buys new backpacks every now and then and does not consider backpacks as a long run investment, durability is a very important factor. Imagine you are on a 3-day excursion and you find out that your backpack’s zipper got broke or your shoulder straps got torn. This is one of the most annoying things for many travellers and even a nightmare for some.

The first thing that you need to ensure is that the material of the backpack that you are buying. There are certain materials such as nylon or polyester are more prone to tearing. Leather backpacks are a great option if you are looking for something very durable, however, pure leather backpacks can cost you a fortune.

A great alternative to leather backpacks is canvas backpacks, which are not only long lasting but are also much cheaper than their leather counterparts. Other than the materials watch out for the quality of stitching and any loose threads coming out. Poor stitching is one of the biggest reason for backpack damages. Make sure to check with the manufacturer about the weight capacity of your backpack and ensure that you do not stiff it beyond the weight limit that it can carry.


Imagine you are carrying your clothes and gadgets to your weekend getaway and suddenly it rains leaving your only clothing item and your expensive gadgets drenched in water. Therefore, it is important that your backpack has the ability to protect its content from any such damage. Backpacks should ideally have a water-resistant material and enough padding in between the compartments so that the contents can be protected from any such damage.


Size and Space

This is a tricky balance to strike when buying backpacks but an important factor to ensure. A good comfortable backpack needs to be supported by your hip and should not be hanging below it, therefore it is important that you consider the size of a backpack in proportion to the size of your torso. At the same time, make sure that the bag is spacious enough to be able to easily carry all the necessary items that you need.

Purpose the Backpack is Meant to Serve

It is likely that you will come across backpacks of various styles and names such as daypacks, travel bags, rucksacks etc., which might confuse you about the right choice, Your decision should be based on the fact that what purpose is your backpack meant to serve. Consider if you want on for a heavy duty camping excursion or for your daily commute to college.

See in what kind of weather conditions will you be carrying your backpack and can your backpack survive those conditions without damaging the contents inside. There is no point in buying a large heavy duty backpack if your purpose is commuting to college as it will only make you carry unnecessary weight every day. If you know exactly why you want to buy a backpack you are more likely to buy the correct design.