How to Get Glowing and Youthful Looking Skin (5 Simple Tips)

While winter is in its final weeks, your skin may really be feeling the effects of months’ worth of cold, dry, and bitter weather. The results can be skin that feels dry, itchy, irritated, and not exactly glowing and youthful. The good news is that there are plenty of steps you can take to turn things around so that you look radiant and glowing in time for spring. 

Here are some skin loving tips that will restore that youthful glow to your skin in no time. 

1. Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

The first tip isn’t about any specific product or beauty regime that you need to follow; rather it is to ensure you are staying well hydrated. Healthy, radiant, and glowing skin begins from within, which means you need to drink enough water each and every day. This tip alone can yield incredible results in a short amount of time.

2. Get into Facial Massages

Here’s a tip that is popular with celebrities and that’s to give yourself a facial massage. A quick two-minute massage is all it takes to plump up the look of your skin, allow the blood to circulate better, and it even build your facial muscles. Just be sure to use a hydrating facial oil or serum while you massage your face, as this ensures you’re getting the benefits of a massage and a hydrating product all in one.

3. Try a Collagen Supplement

Collagen plays an important role in how plump and youthful your skin looks. It is what gives the skin its firmness, which there is plenty of when you’re young and in your 20s, but as you age, that firmness starts to decrease. The reason for this is that your body actually produces less collagen year after year once you reach 20. Over time, your skin becomes thinner, which makes it less firm and plump looking.

So, what can you do about it? A good quality collagen supplement can give you back that much-needed collagen that starts to support various areas of your health, not just your skin. You can discover more about collagen supplements by checking out places such as LUN Level Up Nutrition.

4. Are You Exfoliating?

It could be that you just need to exfoliate your skin in order to restore that youthful glow. Just be aware there are chemical and physical exfoliants, but both have a list of pros and cons, so you’ll want to do your research first. You never want to use anything that will be too harsh on your skin.

5. Cheat the Glow with Highlighter

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with cheating the glow a little, and that’s where a highlighter can come in handy. Look for a liquid highlighter formula that you can mix in with your morning skincare or foundation. This will instantly give a glowing healthy look to your skin.

By using these tips, you’ll be able to turn your skin around in no time and look fresh, glowing, plump, and radiant.