How to Quickly Heal Cold Sores

Ugh! Cold sores!

Often called fever blisters, cold sores are a type of viral infection that manifests as a small fluid filled blister on or around the lip area. There is no telling when one might pop up and in most cases, they won’t completely heal for two to three weeks.

Two to three weeks?? That’s a long time to have a sore on your lip. So, the question is, how do we make these cold sores go away sooner?

Read on to find out more information on how to quickly heal cold sores (fever blisters).

What is a Cold Sore Caused By?

Cold sores are caused by certain strains of the herpes simplex virus. They are very contagious and can spread through close contact like kissing and the sharing of toothbrushes, razors, utensils, and so forth.

Before getting a cold sore, you may start experiencing tingling and itching around your mouth. Next, small blisters will begin appearing around the lip area. The blisters then merge and burst leaving sores that ooze and crust over. It is during this oozing and crusting stage that cold sores are most contagious.

After the blister bursts, a scab forms that lasts several days. The sore will typically go away completely in two to three weeks.

How to Quickly Heal Cold Sores (Fever Blisters)

While there is no cure for cold sore, antiviral pills, creams, and home remedies may help them heal more quickly. Here are some examples of things you may want to try.

Home Remedies: At first sign of a cold sore, try applying a cold damp washcloth, an ice compress or petroleum jelly to the affected site. These may help reduce pain and swelling and it can even speed up healing. Ibuprofen and other pain relievers may also help with pain and inflammation.

Applying Creams and Ointments: There are several over the counter creams that can control the pain and even reduce the duration of the cold sore. Products containing docosanol or benzyl alcohol are recommended.

Prescription Medication: A doctor may prescribe you antiviral medication that can heal sores faster. Medication is often prescribed to those experiencing frequent outbreaks or side effects.

Natural Supplements: Natural supplements are a great alternative to prescription medications as they don’t require a doctor’s visit and produce fewer side effects. If you are looking for an all-natural treatment for cold sores, Doctor Wilson’s BFF Blister Free Forever is recommended.

The Doctor Wilson’s brand is known for providing all-natural supplements that are designed to restore health. Their BFF formula works to boost the immune system to help your body fight cold sores and other viruses. It is vegan and dairy free and it contains L-Lysine in a proprietary blend.

Don’t let cold sores get you down. If you are wondering how to quickly heal cold sores (fever blisters) there are several remedies you can try. What works best in helping your cold sores go away quickly?