How to Tell If You are in an Unhealthy Relationship

The unfortunate truth is that there are some relationships
where both people involved are detrimental to their partner. A good indication
of this is whether you are happy and whether you are in a good state of mental
health. Far too many times relationships can take a toll on your mental health which should not
be a regular occurrence in a healthy relationship. You might need to be told by
friends or family as at times it takes someone from outside of the relationship
to make you realize how unhappy or worn down you are. The following are signs
that you are in an unhealthy relationship that you need to get out of.

Getting Upset Because of Your Feelings/Opinions

A significant other that gets upset with you due to a view
that you have or feelings on a topic is more prevalent than many people
imagine. Getting upset due to natural feelings that you have about a person is
a great example. You do not have to have positive feelings towards their ex or
a friend that you feel might be an awful influence. You are entitled to your
own feelings and at times you will have conflicting feelings. If your partner
doesn’t think you should feel different about anything then they don’t want a
partner they want a puppet.


One sure sign of an unhealthy relationship is that of
manipulation which happens in various forms. A person calling the police then
falsely accusing you of domestic violence to prove a point is a perfect example.
Accusations like this will require a domestic violence attorney as it will be important to
clear your name. If you think this is a possibility then putting in cameras in
the home or taping your significant other cannot be understated. Manipulation
can come in the form of getting upset every time you leave the house so you
have a less than stellar time with friends or family. This is a form of control
that you need to stop immediately and get out of the relationship as you should
not be treated as a pawn.

Your Relationship is Verbally Abusive

Verbal abuse happens on a daily basis in some relationships
with some words being screamed while others are said behind a false smile.
Nobody deserves to be abused in any way. One aspect to remember is that when
your partner is upset, they might be far more honest than they usually are. Do
not just think they said something out of anger as the anger could have brought
the truth out. If you find yourself or your partner frequently say things to
each other that would make other couples concerned, it is time to leave the

Hatred and Resentment

Resentment in relationships is quite common and can enter
even the healthiest of relationships over time. You need to do an assessment as
to why you are resenting your partner. You might find that your partner has
changed in the ways that they treat you or the dynamic of the relationship has
shifted drastically. Sitting down to talk and communicate what you are feeling
is important. Hating your significant other can be remedied if you figure out
which part of the relationship has changed. You used to love this person so
make sure you remember why as you might have forgotten. Counseling is an option
in this situation as resentment can be eliminated while manipulative or abusive
behavior tends to be far more difficult to remedy.

A bad relationship can take a toll on your mental and
physical health. You need to make your needs a priority as not all
relationships are destined to work out. Keep in mind that no great marriage has
ever ended in divorce.