How Treatment Facilities Like Harmony Place Monterey Is Here To Help You With Your Eating Disorder

Eating disorders can have negative effects especially on the quality of life, health, and relationships. Without proper treatment, the symptoms and consequences can lead to detrimental effects and sometimes death. Not only is treatment essential, but getting it from qualified individual guarantees a successful recovery process. Harmony Place Monterey offers the best treatment, environment, and support for individuals with eating disorders. You should not suffer from an eating disorder and get treatment from Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place. 

Behavioral-based psychotherapy

Behavioral-based psychotherapy is considered one of the most effective therapies especially in treating eating disorders. This is because the emotional state of many individuals results in how they interpret and react to different situations. Looking into the emotional and physical symptoms of an individual can help to understand them more than looking at the disease itself. 

Eating disorders usually trace back to underlying issues such as childhood traumas and insecurities that were never addressed. Therapists engage in a variety of techniques for individuals to understand the interaction between their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Therapists and patients then work together to develop strategies to address underlying issues and promote healthy practices. 

Furthermore, individuals learn to self-evaluate, confront their fears, and understand what holds them back from achieving their targets. They become more aware of themselves and practice new life skills that help them confront their issues boldly. 

Transitional Living and life coach

One thing about the recovery process is that it comes with real stress, and patients can relapse anytime if not well protected. Individuals need to have a middle step where they can manage and control their eating behaviors will little interruption. 

In transitional living, individuals are shielded from the negative influences of the outside world such as bad companies and social interactions. Instead, patients enjoy a conducive environment that restricts possible relapse behaviors. 

Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place offers a serene environment as a distraction from the outside world. Individuals are allowed to focus on their therapy and get guidance for their full recovery. As a result, individuals are surrounded by positive influences and reduce their chances of relapse. 

Through life coaching, individuals are taught how to be more accountable for their future actions. Patients learn to look into the future, identify their goals, and how they can achieve them. Not only does Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz offer recovery treatment, but they also teach individuals to be more responsible. 

Through life coaching, patients get skills that are necessary for a successful transition into the real world. Individuals acquire skills in communication, problem solving, stress and anger management, self-care, and so many others.

 Harmony Place Mark Schwartz strives to equip their patients with such skills to help them in their future endeavors. With a life coach, individuals do not have to go through life challenges alone learn to tap the power within themselves.

  Strong Support System

From medication, therapy, and counseling among others, Harmony Place Monterey offers to support patients from the beginning of the journey to the end. Individuals are constantly engaged individually as well as in teams on how to address and control their behaviors. 

As a result, patients are motivated to drop bad habits such as bingeing and purging and pursue other healthier habits. They get to interact with their therapist, coaches, and other patients and form meaningful and healthy relationships. Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place teaches individuals that they are not alone and have a place to confide. 

Although eating disorders can have major negative impacts, individuals still have the opportunity to recover and become better people. Harmony place Monterey provides a qualified team of eating disorder therapists to treat and provide proper care for patients suffering from the disorder. 

Get treatment from Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place and enjoy a full and quick recovery from eating disorders.