How You Can Create Your Own Personalized Health/Fitness 90 Day Challenge To Maximize Results

The majority of people have seen online or on a social media platform about someone that has a 90 day program to get you healthier and more fit than ever before. Most of the time these programs are based on a combination of dietary restrictions in terms of food and workouts. A lot of these 90 day challenges do not limit food intake but rather the types of food that can be consumed. For those that have a fitness background or are willing to do the research it is possible to put together a challenge customized for you. Not all self-made programs will be successful but below will outline what needs to be done to make your 90 day challenge a success to hit all of your goals. 

Put Together A Few Weeks Of Meal Planning And Shop Accordingly

There should be nutritional components to your customized challenge so eliminate problem foods for yourself. Soda should also not be consumed at all as even diet soda has negative health implications if consumed excessively. Once you have established rules for your eating then it is time to write out the meals that you will be putting together. This can help you hold yourself accounts as well as make it easy to grocery shop. Listening to your body is important though so if you need some extra carbs to perform at your next workout make sure they come in a healthy form.

Do Those Workouts You Know You Hate But Benefit You

There are those workouts that wake people up in cold sweats at night. Most of the time these are cardio workouts, heavy squat and leg days, or some type of high intensity interval training or HIIT. If these workouts help you hit your fitness goals it is imperative that you do them as it will be worth it. For those that are trying to lose weight it is likely that a circuit on specific intervals will help you get more out of the same workout in less time. Write into your challenge to do at least one or two workouts you need but love to hate, it could result in a weak exercise or part of your personal fitness becoming a strength. 

If Using Supplements, Make Sure They Align With Your Goals 

Supplementing with goals in mind has to be done as some supplements are goal specific like that of high calorie protein shakes. This might not be great for a person trying to lose weight but would be great for someone trying to put on weight or increase muscle mass. A multivitamin should be taken by everyone though as nobody has the perfect diet that allows us to get all of our required vitamins. Supplement stacks are quite popular with many being goal related so this could be something to look into. Fitness related websites will also have goal related workouts as well as answers on supplements. is a great resource for both fitness as well as some of the most popular supplements.  

Keep Weekends Active But Still Unwind

Recovery is important but sitting on the couch all weekend should not be an option. Going out with the family on a bike ride or going for a swim at the beach can be fun activities that allow you to keep your blood flowing. The gym can be a nightmare on weekends so if you are going to workout try to do it early so you have the rest of the day to enjoy yourself. Fitness is all about balance as overloading your body and mind 

Push Yourself But Understand Your Limits

A good 90 program needs to have rest incorporated into the schedule. The last thing anyone wants is to come out of this injured and to get out of shape while rehabbing that injury. If you are significantly better overall after 90 days you can consider it a success. Modifying goals might be necessary if you achieve them too quickly or if they were a bit unrealistic. This will help stay motivated even things are not going as well as you could have imagined. 

Take the time to evaluate what you need in terms of health and fitness. Create a strategy to improve these over the course of 90 days with your own challenge!