How Your Weight Could Be Affecting You

Obesity is literally killing people, and while you may feel like there is no way to lose your weight, there is help out there for you. What you need to do it learn about why being overweight or obese is shortening your lifespan, how it is impacting not just your physical health but also your mental health, and what the answers are to losing that excess weight and being a healthier person.

Even if your aren’t overweight, but you know someone that is, you may want to learn more about the damaging effects of excess weight so that you can help that person learn why they need to work towards weight loss. Here are some of the effects of excess weight.

Poor Internal Health

If you are obese it’s somewhat likely that you may have excess fat in your liver, and it’s even possible that your internal organs are oversized, smashed together, or simply being overtaxed in other ways. Your weight could be making it harder for your lungs to work, especially if you notice you get short of breath even walking a small amount.

There are other issues internally as well, like effects on your heart health. Internal issues aren’t the only ones that obesity causes on the body.

Problems Walking/Moving

If you are overweight or obese you may have noticed excess joint pain or trouble walking. Too much weight can be damaging to your hips and knees, and it can even give you pretty sore feet after a short walk or spending any amount of time standing.

The inability to move much, walk, or exercise makes it very difficult for people suffering from obesity to try to naturally lose their weight. When it hurts to much to walk it’s time to talk to your doctor about alternative weight loss options.

Negative Self Outlook

Being overweight can obliterate your self esteem. Some people find it easy to be comfortable no matter their weight, but for many people that’s not the case. People may say mean things about you, you might not be able to ride rides at amusement parks, and it might even be difficult to find clothes that fit.

Chances Of Early Death

If you are obese you’re not alone. You are among many people in the United States alone that have a huge weight issue that is shortening their lifespan. You could lose over eight years off your life by having too much weight on you. That’s eight or more years you could have spent with your friends and family, lost because of fat.

While there are many different reasons people become obese, there is help for everyone. If you want to lose weight you need to talk to your doctor, who is the only person that can help you can on the path to lengthening your life again.